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  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with Air Algerie: Boeing

Air Algerie Frequent Flyer Program

Join the Air Algerie Plus Frequent Flyer Program for Greater Rewards

When you want to save money on Air Algerie flights, it is a great idea to become part of the Air Algerie Plus rewards program. Being part of the Air Algerie Plus rewards program gives you the opportunity to earn free flights for making the choice to book flights through Air Algerie. When you simply join the Air Algerie Plus program, you will earn 2,000 miles as an additional welcome bonus. Customers should also check out the Air Algerie website on a regular basis for promotional deals that are being offered.

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Scoring Free Flights with Air Algerie Plus

The process of earning free flights is easy when you have this membership. If you save 10,000 to 15,000 points, then you will be to take international flights around the world. You will also be able to enjoy free upgrades on your flights. You may be able to be bumped up to first-class on a flight due to your participation in this program. One of the other benefits is that you will also be able to earn bonus plus miles for the flights that you book through Air Algerie. During a bonus plan promotion, you may be able to receive an additional 3,000 bonus miles for your next flight.

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
55,6 pts.

Environmental impact of Air Algerie

Air Algerie is promoting environmental cleanliness by using new Boeing air-crafts. The airliner has chosen crafts that will reduce the carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment. Air Algerie introduced seven 737-800s at the Dubai Airshow in 2009. These crafts produce less CO2 waste, and are more fuel efficient. The new planes also have reduced operating costs, which will allow the airliner to direct funds towards sustainable development research. They are partnering with atmosfair gGmbH, and will utilize energy resources management to positively impact the environment. By using energy resources management, customers can offset the carbon footprint on an individual level.

Atmosfair gGmbH Supports Air Algerie

Atmosfair gGmbH will be supporting Air Algerie's promotion of energy resources management. The company will be present on many of the airliner's flights, and will give flyers knowledge about each flight's length. Customers will then be able to provide monetary compensation for the CO2 waste they have created. The donations are based upon individual flight millage, and will fund sustainable research development. Flyers are urged to impact the environment by optimizing their own flight distance, which will increase fuel efficiency. Atmosfair gGmbH will give updated information on flights to customers with each flight.

Air Algerie Awarded 55.6 Efficiency Points

Atmosfair gGmbH awards efficiency points to airlines based on their fuel efficiency. Air Algerie has been given 55.6 efficiency points. These points are based upon a 1 to 100 scale determined on an airline's flight length. Air Algerie was also given efficiency class C. Efficiency classes are on an A to F scale, and allow flyers to compare the airline to other ranking airlines. The airline has been given an airline rank of 80 among other ranking airlines by atmosfair gGmbH, which is based upon a singular craft's fuel efficiency.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

Air Algerie testimonials
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Air Algerie
"The outgoing flight took off 2 days later. The..."
06/2011 10/2013 Guest 2322 
I really underestimated them
"We were punctual, but I found the price a little too..."
06/2011 10/2013 Cheba 
Good Airline
"Good price. No complaints. "
06/2010 10/2013 saida1308 
"Bad. Like I said, the return flight was simply..."
07/2010 10/2013 Guest 2300 
Everything was good
"Everything worked. The flight was on time. "
06/2011 10/2013 Guest 1582 
Flight with Air Algerie
"The price is great, but you should factor in delays. "
09/2009 10/2013 Betty_196 
"A lot of airlines lack punctuality these days. Both..."
06/2010 10/2013 Samira 
Standard, but nice service
"I met some nice people at the airport and I arrived..."
06/2010 10/2013 saida1308 
Air Algerie
"£250 is too much money. Yes, I would recommend this..."
09/2009 10/2013 Guest 2903 
Flight with Air Algerie
"The only thing that bothered me was the poor..."
09/2009 10/2013 Betty_196 

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