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Visit the beautiful islands of Anguilla for your next holiday! Anguilla Wallblake Airport serves US destinations, and it is possible to connect from other local airports. Ferry services also run between the islands, connecting Anguilla to more international destinations. The capital city, The Valley, features examples of British colonial architecture, including plantations from the 18th century. Beautiful beaches and stunning scenery are the main draw for visitors to Anguilla, who can experience both in a warm and pleasant climate. Offshore activities include snorkeling, swimming, fishing and tours in glass-bottom boats. Hiking and horse-riding are available for adventurous guests, while others can be pampered in various Spa resorts. The local cuisine, including excellent BBQ and famous rum can be sampled at various bars and restaurants along the beaches, offering stunning views of the scenery, the ocean and the sunset. Many bars offer live music and dancing, to satisfy any nightlife lovers looking for the perfect end to a day on the beach or on the water.

Following colonisation by the British in 1650, hundreds of years of British rule came to an end in 1980, when Anguilla receded to become a separate UK dependency, while evidence of the British presence can still be found in the place names and architecture. Ancient Taino Indian artifacts have been found, offering an insight into life on the islands before British colonisation. Alongside the local currency, American dollars are widely accepted. Anguilla has developed a reputation as a centre for offshore banking, hosting many well known financial and insurance institutions. For a business visit in beautiful surroundings, or a relaxing beach break, be sure to visit Anguilla!

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1. The Valley (Anguilla)
27/11 - 27/12/2016 Aberdeen-Anguilla Multiple Carriers
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26/11 - 15/12/2016 Belfast-Anguilla Multiple Carriers
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