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Discover the beautiful Atlantic islands of Bermuda! Located northeast of the Caribbean sea, this island range features excellent hotel resorts, distinctive light pink colored beaches and a rich history, exemplified by fine architecture. Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, hosts an international airport offering daily flights to several American destinations, and a port which regularly welcomes cruise liners. After arriving, there is a lot to discover, from the historical old town of St. George to the informative Bermuda Maritime Museum, a real treat for families. The stunning beaches rank among the finest in the world, while Hamilton boasts excellent nightlife to rival cities many times its size. The Crystal and Fantasy Caves offer a truly unique insight into Bermuda's interesting geology, an attraction not to be found elsewhere.

Bermuda was first settled by accident, when a British ship looking for the American Colonies was shipwrecked near the island, at which point it was claimed for the British. Since then it has developed into an important naval port, and was used by the British Navy as a main port until 1957. The warm maritime climate ensures that Bermuda is a popular vacation destination, welcoming back many visitors each year who are so taken by the island and the friendly locals. For your next vacation, look no further than Bermuda!

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1. Hamilton (Bermuda)
10/12 - 17/12/2016 London-Hamilton American Airlines
05/07 - 10/07/2017 London-Hamilton American Airlines
04/12 - 23/01/2017 London-Hamilton Multiple Carriers
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