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Offers for flights from Brisbane (BNE) to Los Angeles (LAX)

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1.01/12/2016 - 08/12/2016 Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) China Southern Airlines

Overall a pleasing experience, though in my opinion the stewards lacked some…


The meals were average at best. The rice was very dry and poorly prepared. Coffee…


What one would expect at the very least


Good value for money, and on good punctuality

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2.01/12/2016 - 08/12/2016 Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Korean Air

The whole experience from Heathrow to Seoul was pleasurable and well organised.…


The food choice we found limiting on this flight


safety and comfort were excellent with cabin staff performing very well


excellent value, cabin staff made sure all passengers were looked after

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3.01/12/2016 - 08/12/2016 Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Philippine Airlines

Friendly cabin staff. Check in at Hong Kong Kowloon City check in was slow , with…


Take it or leave it choice of food.


Better than average for Economy.


Late take off, with little information as to why.

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Additional offers

DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
4.01/12 - 08/12/2016Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Hawaiian Airlines
5.01/12 - 08/12/2016Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Qantas Airways
6.01/12 - 08/12/2016Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska Airlines
7.01/12 - 08/12/2016Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines
8.01/12 - 08/12/2016Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Australia
9.01/12 - 08/12/2016Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada
10.01/12 - 08/12/2016Brisbane (BNE) - Los Angeles (LAX) Cathay Pacific Airways
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