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China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan and the country's flag carrier. The airline offers connections throughout Asia, as well as flights to Europe, Oceania and North America. Today the airline's fleet of over 65 aircraft and is among the most modern in the world. China Airlines was founded in 1959 with just 26 employees and has grown continously ever since. 3 short years later, the company began offering domestic scheduled flights and in 1966, the airline began adding international destinations to its flight plan. Today, China Airlines flies to over 70 cities in 26 different counties. The flight plan focuses on Southeast Asia, but offers flights throughout the world. The airline offers the Dynasty Flyer frequent flyer program, giving passengers the opportunity to collect miles and offers with the company. China Airlines is currently in talks to becoming a member of the SkyTeam alliance.

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China Airlines Flight Information

  • Founded: 1959
  • Location: Dayuan Township, Taiwan
  • Owner(s): China Aviation Development Foundation
  • Number of Destinations: 75
  • Destinations: Destinations throughout Asia, as well as the rest of the world
  • Maintenance: China Airlines' Engineering and Maintenance Division
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Dynasty Flyer
  • Airline Website:
  • Type of Aircraft: Boeing 747-400F, Airbus A330-300
  • Average Aircraft Age: 7.3 years
  • Fleet Size: 66
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with China Airlines: Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Fokker

China Airlines Dynasty Flyer Frequent Flyer Program

Become a member and earn miles to redeem for rewards

Frequent travelers with China Airlines can earn miles with the Dynasty Flyer point program. The number of miles earned depends on the route and the distance travelled. And the number of miles also depends on cabin class. Tickets booked in the premium F class earn 150% of miles on each route, for example. And in the less expensive Y class, the maximum is 100%. Precisely which advantages members enjoy depends on their class. In Standard Class, Dynasty Flyer members are given a Paragon Card. Additionally, passengers need to earn 40,000 miles to receive a Gold Card.

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Dynasty Flyer

Members can upgrade their ticket if they have enough miles. The number needed to upgrade to Business Class depends on the route. Alternatively, miles can be exchanged for free tickets. In any case there is a special VIP lounge for members in which they can wait for their flight in comfort. Baggage can be checked in quickly and without waiting by using exclusive check-in desks .

Baggage regulations for flights with China Airlines

Special luggage items

Bulky items such as musical instruments may be carried onboard if an additional seat is purchased, subject to a weight restriction of 75kg and size restrictions dependent on aircraft. Sporting equipment may be carried on China Airlines flights in checked baggage.

Checked luggage

China Airlines passengers should be aware that different checked baggage allowances apply for other connecting carriers. For passengers travelling internationally, excluding North America and some countries in South America, the weight system allows for 20 kg for Economy, 30 kg for Business and 40 kg for First Class. For North America and some countries in South America, the piece system allows Economy passengers to carry two pieces not exceeding 158cm and 23kg each and 273cm for both pieces. Business and First Class passengers may carry two pieces that weigh no more than 32kg and 158cm per piece. Paragon, Gold, Emerald and SkyTeam Elite members are permitted additional allowances.

Hand luggage

All China Airlines passengers may carry one hand luggage item not exceeding 7kg and 56 x 36 x 23 cm. In addition Business passengers may carry a garment baggage item not exceeding 7kg and 20cm thickness once folded. First Class passengers may carry an additional hand luggage item or additional garment baggage item. All China Airlines passengers may also carry one bag of the additional personal items including a lady's handbag, overcoat or blanket, small camera, umbrella, laptop computer, baby food and bottle, and reading material and food for the flight.
China Airlines is the national airline of the People?s Republic of China. Founded in 1959, it is headquartered in Taiwan and flies to approximately 100 destinations worldwide. The fleet includes Airbus A330, A340 and A350 and Boeing 737 and 747 aircraft.
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Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
71 pts.

Environmental impact of China Airlines

China Airlines hope to reduce carbon footprints and aid the environment with further studies of CO2. This topic is already approached by many other companies, but is maximized by Atmosphair, which uses fuel efficient wood stoves that rely on 80 percent less wood. The reduction of this carbon footprint leads to an increase in population control. Through utilization of energy resources, China Airlines may succeed in quelling pollution to aid the environment. The process involves an increased understanding of CO2, which is a topic airlines wish to further understand. By reducing the carbon footprint, airlines can improve overall air quality.

China Airlines Have Increased Resoure Efficiency

China Airlines is traveling with a more suitable aircraft, which includes a better program that allows for increased resource efficiency. This will lead to less air pollution. High ranking airlines have been attempting to achieve this for a very long time. The airline hopes to help the environment in great ways by effectively utilizing this energy resource management. They will also use airline rankings. These rankings make the entire process easier to understand, and create a more efficient system. The negative effects on the environment will decrease, and China Airlines will soon improve overall quality in all forms, locations and ways.

China Airlines Utilize Efficiency Points

The German NGO Atmosfair deals with several efficiency classifications. These classifications go from A to F, and allow processes to be more streamlined and more understandable. This creates a more accessible system, and by using efficiency points, energy resource development is much easier to gauge. It will help the environment in many ways, through understanding air pollution. Each airline's rank will provide information to decision makers, and each class depicts each airline's type. These types are based upon the letter assigned to each craft, making the object easy to identify.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

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China Airlines
"Not as punctual as I'd like, but not exactly delayed..."
11/2009 11/2013 Guest 2658 
China Airlines
"Not as punctual as I'd like, but not exactly delayed..."
11/2009 11/2013 Guest 1313 
China Airlines
"We were perfectly punctual for take off and landing..."
11/2009 11/2013 Guest 1478
Wonderful trip and perfect execution
"Very good: the short booking time, availability and..."
11/2008 11/2013 Guest 3347 
Super, but tight
"The quality to service ratio was absolutely fine. "
09/2009 11/2013 Guest 2216 
China Airlines
"Not as punctual as I'd like, but not exactly delayed..."
11/2009 11/2013 Guest 2468 
China Airlines
"Not as punctual as I'd like, but not exactly delayed..."
11/2009 11/2013 Guest 2694 
Not enough food
"The air conditioning was set too cold, some of the..."
04/2008 11/2013 Guest 1653 
The food was good
"The air conditioning was set too cold, and all of..."
04/2008 05/2013 Guest 1653 
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