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Costa Rica has a variety of stunning landscapes and unique native wildlife sure to delight visitors, who are welcomed with the famous local hospitality. This beautiful island has a deserved reputation as one of the leading ecotourism centers in the world, and offers divers, climbers, bikers, walkers and other visitors an unrivaled array of opportunities to explore and enjoy the beautiful jungle or pristine beaches which form most of the island. San Jose is the main gateway to Costa Rica, featuring 2 international airports, and the capital rates as one of the most beautiful cities in Central America. The delicious and filling Costa Rican cuisine is best enjoyed with a unique local beer, featuring a pleasant, distinctive taste not to be found elsewhere. Along with excellent hotels and restaurants, the San Juan nightlife is vibrant and varied, sure to entertain every visitor.

In around 1502, Christopher Columbus became the first European to visit Costa Rica, discovering a beautiful country which had been inhabited by indigenous locals for hundreds of years. Since gaining independence, Costa Rica has enjoyed a degree of peace and prosperity, and is developing all the time. The popularity of Costa Rica as a tourist destination has increased, with many visitors returning year after year, fueling the economy and highlighting the country on the world stage. For a challenging and adventurous holiday surrounded by beautiful scenery, or a relaxing break on stunning beaches, Costa Rica is guaranteed to please!

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. San Jose (Costa Rica)
04/02 - 20/02/2017 London-San Jose American Airlines
16/12 - 31/12/2016 London-San Jose American Airlines
06/11 - 31/12/2016 London-San Jose Multiple Carriers
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2. Buenos Aires (Costa Rica)
08/12 - 22/12/2016 Aberdeen-Buenos Aires Multiple Carriers
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08/12 - 19/12/2016 Belfast-Buenos Aires Multiple Carriers
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11/12 - 01/02/2017 Bradford-Buenos Aires Multiple Carriers
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