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Together with parent company Cathay Pacific, Dragonair carries around 25 million passengers each year. From a central hub at Hong Kong International Airport the airline connects a range of around 30 destinations across the world. Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited can trace a history to 1985 when the company started operations running flights between Hong Kong and Malaysia. Early competition with Cathay Pacific forced Dragonair to focus on less well known routes and services to mainland China. By 2005, the airline was involved in an expansion phase and planning several long haul routes to Australia and the USA , interrupted when the company was taken over and downsized by Cathay Pacific the following year. The Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club was expanded to all Dragonair flights whereby regular customers can earn benefits and rewards. No passenger services are currently available to North America and the destination network focuses primarily on China and Asia although cargo flights run to major US and European cities. As an affiliate member of the oneworld alliance, the flight network available to Dragonair customers is vastly expanded.

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Dragonair Flight Information

  • Founded: 1985
  • Location: Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
  • Owner(s): Cathay Pacific
  • Number of Destinations: 30
  • Destinations: Only within Asia
  • Alliance: Oneworld
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Asia Miles
  • Airline Website: www.dragonair.com/
  • Type of Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 / Airbus A321-200 / Airbus A330-300
  • Average Aircraft Age: 7.8 years
  • Fleet Size: 28
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with Dragonair: ATR, Embraer, British Aerospace, Boeing, Canadair, de Havilland Canada, Airbus

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
70,4 pts.

Environmental impact of Dragonair

Environmental impact and sustainable development is taken very seriously at Dragonair, an airline that acknowledges the impact caused by CO2 emissions on the environment, especially from aviation fuel. Therefore, they are intent on making a big change in their carbon footprints with efficient energy resources management. The importance of improving fuel efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing the environmental performance of aircraft is stressed in the various environmental reports prepared by the airline company every year. Dragonair is the first Asian airline to introduce a Fly Greener programme permitting frequent flyers to offset the CO2 emissions and carbon footprints caused by their airline flights.

Calculating Carbon Emissions at Dragonair

Dragonair has a long tradition of implementing energy resources management and sustainable development plans. Recently they signed a partnership with Carbonfund to help their passengers contribute to offsetting the environmental impact of their own flights. Currently, this can only be done when purchasing tickets, but soon there will be an in-flight touch-screen system incorporated into seatback entertainment systems with the same objective of supporting CO2 emission reduction. This system has also developed a selectable list of projects in order to assist with the choice of credible offsets, which the airline passengers may like to contribute to using an online calculator.

Dragonair obtained very high airline ranking

The Hong Kong based airline, Dragonair, was included in the airline ranks awarded for energy resources management and sustainable development. The efficiency points are awarded in accordance with specific factors related to environmental protection that aim at reducing negative impacts on the environment, lower carbon footprints and energy efficiency resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. Dragonair achieved a total of 70.4 points in energy efficiency class C being classified as number 26 in the airline ranking established by the German NGO Atmosfair GmbH.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

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Xiamen to Hong Kong
"Punctual. OK value for the money. "
03/2010 11/2013 Guest 1347 
Flying the dragon again
"There was a delay on departure because of fog at..."
05/2013 06/2013 Dragon 2 
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