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Places of interest

  • Dresden Castle
  • Brühl's Terrace
  • Semperoper
  • The Duchess Garden
  • Dresden Frauenkirche

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  • Dresden Tourist Information
  • Münzgasse 2
  • 01067 Dresden
  • Tel. (+49) 351 48 43 80 0

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. London-Dresden
23/12 - 27/12/2016 London-Dresden Germanwings
2. Glasgow-Dresden
07/11 - 24/12/2016 Glasgow-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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3. Newcastle-Dresden
30/11 - 14/12/2016 Newcastle-Dresden Multiple Carriers
Determine price
4. Aberdeen-Dresden
04/12 - 22/01/2017 Aberdeen-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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5. Belfast-Dresden
01/12 - 22/12/2016 Belfast-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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6. Bradford-Dresden
20/11 - 16/01/2017 Bradford-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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7. Carlisle-Dresden
21/12 - 31/12/2016 Carlisle-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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8. Cardiff-Dresden
26/11 - 21/12/2016 Cardiff-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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9. Eday-Dresden
06/11 - 31/12/2016 Eday-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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10. Foula-Dresden
19/12 - 04/01/2017 Foula-Dresden Multiple Carriers
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Dresden has a moderately cold continental climate, with warm summers and cool winters. Typically, it’s in the low 20s in the summer and slightly below freezing in the winter. The climate isn’t particularly rainy, and most visitors will find that dressing for the season is fairly straightforward.


The main shopping district in Dresden stretches from Ferdinandplatz at the south, where a large Karstadt department store dominates the street, to a covered mall at the north, largely along Prager Strasse and the streets alongside it. Look for high end shopping on the Königstrasse and on Hauptstrasse. Explore the recently renovated Neustädter Markthalle on the Hauptstrasse. Alternatively, Äußere Neustadt features cutting edge shops and boutiques, and the Innere Neustadt has trendier offerings. Dresden also hosts Europe’s older Christmas market, starting in November each year.


Dresden cafes and restaurants offer both international and local cuisine. Classic German food is a meat and potatoes affair, but fresh vegetables are more and more a part of the modern German diet. Visitors to the city especially enjoy the excellent cakes and bread and the fine German beer. Although good restaurants can be found in the city centre, insiders advise travellers to try Neustadt and the east side for better quality and value. The most popular ethnic cuisines are Turkish and Italian.


The Neustadt is the largest and most popular district for clubs and bars in Dresden. There’s something for everyone, so plan ahead. The month of June is dominated by a huge, all-night street party with live music, food and drink called Bunte Republik Neustadt. The Weiße Gasse, near the Altmarkt, Dresden's central square, is also a good night time destination. The area around Dresden Castle and the Frauenkirche, in the reconstructed historic city centre, offers a more touristy experience.

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