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EgyptAir is a traditional airline equipped with a modern fleet that can proudly look on over 75 years of history. Each year, around 5 million passengers are carried to destinations around the world. As a Star Alliance member with several codeshare agreements, EgyptAir can offer an extensive flight network. The airline was founded and conducted it's first flight from Cairo to Alexandria in 1932. In 1956, the air carrier merged with Syrian Arab Airlines. Since 2008 EgyptAir has been a member of the Star Alliance and is currently the only North African member. The flight plan includes destinations such as Barcelona, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and Nairobi. Domestic flights as well as flights to neighboring countries are operated by subsidiary airline EgyptAir Express. The EgyptAir frequent flyer program EgyptAir Plus enables customers to earn miles depending on the flight distance and the ticket price. Once customers are registered they may redeem the miles for free flights or ticket upgrades.

EgyptAir Flights

Top offers for flights with EgyptAir

DateType of TripAirlinePrice pp from
1. EgyptAir Flights
03/02 - 23/02/2017 Cairo-Jeddah EgyptAir Egyptair £275.12
03/02 - 23/02/2017 Cairo-Jeddah EgyptAir Egyptair £275.12
2. EgyptAir Flights
01/11 - 08/11/2016 Jeddah-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £236.46
01/11 - 08/11/2016 Jeddah-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £236.46
3. EgyptAir Flights
01/11 - 22/12/2016 Cairo-Lagos EgyptAir Egyptair Determine price
19/11 - 25/12/2016 Cairo-Lagos EgyptAir Egyptair Determine price
4. EgyptAir Flights
10/11 - 27/11/2016 New York-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair Determine price
22/11 - 10/01/2017 New York-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair Determine price
5. EgyptAir Flights
24/11 - 05/12/2016 Lagos-Dubai EgyptAir Egyptair £465.73
24/11 - 05/12/2016 Lagos-Dubai EgyptAir Egyptair £465.73
6. EgyptAir Flights
28/12 - 01/02/2017 Cairo-Frankfurt EgyptAir Egyptair £285.01
28/12 - 03/02/2017 Cairo-Frankfurt EgyptAir Egyptair £285.01
7. EgyptAir Flights
30/12 - 07/01/2017 Cairo-Milan EgyptAir Egyptair £305.69
30/12 - 07/01/2017 Cairo-Milan EgyptAir Egyptair £305.69
8. EgyptAir Flights
01/01 - 07/01/2017 Cairo-Dubai EgyptAir Egyptair £279.62
30/10 - 03/11/2016 Cairo-Dubai EgyptAir Egyptair £288.61
9. EgyptAir Flights
27/11 - 01/12/2016 Amman-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £208.59
27/11 - 01/12/2016 Amman-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £208.59
10. EgyptAir Flights
02/11 - 09/11/2016 Cairo-Amman EgyptAir Egyptair £240.06
02/11 - 09/11/2016 Cairo-Amman EgyptAir Egyptair £240.06
11. EgyptAir Flights
05/12 - 19/12/2016 Tunis-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £158.24
05/12 - 19/12/2016 Tunis-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £158.24
12. EgyptAir Flights
13/01 - 20/01/2017 Vienna-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £254.45
13/01 - 20/01/2017 Vienna-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £254.45
13. EgyptAir Flights
21/02 - 25/02/2017 Istanbul-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £210.39
21/02 - 25/02/2017 Istanbul-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £210.39
14. EgyptAir Flights
05/12 - 05/01/2017 London-Khartoum EgyptAir Egyptair £533.17
01/11 - 03/01/2017 London-Khartoum EgyptAir Egyptair £545.75
15. EgyptAir Flights
30/10 - 14/12/2016 London-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £340.76
30/10 - 14/12/2016 London-Cairo EgyptAir Egyptair £340.76

EgyptAir Flight Information

  • Founded: 1932
  • Location: Cairo, Egypt
  • Owner(s): EGYPTAIR Holding Company
  • Number of Destinations: 65
  • Destinations: 8 regional destinations, 20 in Europe, 14 in Africa, 2 destinations in North America, 5 in the Middle East and Australia
  • Maintenance: EGYPTAIR Maintenance and Engineering (M&E)company
  • Alliance: Star Alliance
  • Frequent Flyer Program: EgyptAir Plus
  • Airline Website:
  • Features: Earn miles with EgyptAir Plus!
  • Type of Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 / A330-200, Boeing, Freighter, Embraer 170
  • Average Aircraft Age: 8.2 years
  • Fleet Size: 51
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with EgyptAir: Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, McDonnell Douglas

EgyptAir EgyptAir Plus Frequent Flyer Program

Rich Egyptian discoveries begin with its airline.

Egypt Air has, in association with Star Alliance member airlines, car rental companies and selected hotels, put together a frequent flyer package that rewards passenger loyalty. Under the banner of EgyptAir Plus the four-tier system gives regular passengers who register online for the program the opportunity of earning frequent flyer miles. The number of miles earned determines the membership status which in turn determines the level of rewards offered. The Pyramid Upgrade System The initial Blue membership of EgyptAir Plus is simply a welcoming card: Once 30,000 miles have been earned on Egypt Air or Star Alliance flights, membership is upgraded to Silver. Silver members are given priority regarding wait-listing, airport standby, check-in and baggage handling. An additional 30,000 miles at this level will upgrade the passenger to Gold and 1,000,000 miles more will entitle the flyer to a lifetime membership at Platinum level. EgyptAir Plus ensures that Gold and Platinum card-holders enjoy additional privileges such as boarding, baggage allowance and airport lounge access. An extra percentage of miles are also awarded on each flight. Although certain time restrictions apply to Silver and Gold members regarding specific miles flown within a 2 year period Platinum status has no such condition attached.

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Baggage regulations for flights with EgyptAir

Special luggage items

For sporting equipment that exceeds the free baggage weight restrictions, a fee is charged. Passengers departing from an airport within the U.K. may take a small musical instrument in addition to their carry-on luggage.

Checked luggage

The checked baggage is stored in the aircraft's cargo compartment. Prohibited items include containers holding gases, explosives, fireworks, toxic and contagious substances, corrosive materials, highly flammable substances and strongly magnetic materials.

Hand luggage

Passengers departing from the U.K. may take a laptop, pushchair, crutches or a wheelchair on board as well. In general, the following should be transported as hand luggage: a wallet, travel documents, medication, glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses with a small amount of fluid, baby food, nappies, milk in a bottle, etc. personal hygiene items, keys, laptop, toothbrush, brush, food, pencils or pens that do not contain fluid, cigarettes but no lighters.
Egypt Air is the national Egyptian airline, headquartered in Cairo. A positive aspect of the baggage policy, which varies depending on the destination country, is that for two or more passengers travelling together the baggage allowance is combined for the group.
Attention: is not responsible for the information provided. Please consult the airline website for up to date luggage information.

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
59,5 pts.

Environmental impact of Egyptair

Egyptair recently invested in large numbers of Airbus 330s and Boeing 737-300s. These new lighter planes are able to transport twice as many passengers per gallon of fuel when compared to older models. This fuel efficiency means lower emissions of CO2 and other pollutants, and reduces the carbon footprint of flights. Egyptair understands current concern about the environment and is committed to strong energy resources management. Measures to reduce fuel consumption include everything from the use of only one engine to taxi when on the ground to loading fewer newspapers in the cabin.

Egyptair Reduces Impact on the Environment

In Egypt Egyptair is responsible for organizing many education projects including training for pilots using flight simulators rather than real planes. The fuel savings and reduction of CO2 production the airline makes is essential to reduce its impact on the environment. On the ground e-ticketing and e-commerce is being encouraged to minimize paper production and waste. Egyptair is aware that carbon footprint trading programs are being operated in other parts of the world and seeks international cooperation on sustainable development for the aviation industry. Hussein Massoud, CEO believes global agreement on CO2 emissions and its carbon footprint is desirable for the industry and the environment.

Ranking Airlines by German NGO Atmosfair

Responding to global concerns about the aviation industry and the need for good energy resources management atmosfair gGmbH has established a system of ranking airlines. To encourage the implementation of sustainable development it has calculated the fuel efficiency of airlines and awarded a grade from A to F. Each class is an indicator of the impact on the environment of flights and the need to seek ecologically sound operations. In 2012 Egyptair was awarded 59.5 points and classed as grade D. The airline was ranked at number 68.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

Egyptair testimonials
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Moody staff
"Plane left late. No communication why. Room in front..."
01/2014 01/2014 Arji 
Airline is ok. Transfer is Cairo was problematic
"The value for the price is good. "
10/2008 01/2014 Robert 
Outgoing flight 2
"We took off and landed on time. The value was ok for..."
11/2009 01/2014 Outgoin... 
Return flight 2
"Punctual take off, punctual landing. "
12/2009 01/2014 Return... 
Chaotic flight
"4 hour delay, and because of this, missed the..."
12/2009 01/2014 Chaotic... 
I'll never fly with Egyptair again
"We paid a cheap price, but that shouldn't mean that..."
10/2009 01/2014 Tom&Veri 
Can't recommend it
"Even though we took off late, we arrived on time in..."
10/2009 01/2014 Tom&Veri 
Outgoing flight 1
"Take off and landing went as planned. The value for..."
11/2009 01/2014 Guest 873 
"The flight was delayed, so I was juuust able to..."
06/2009 01/2014 Guest 271 

"The value for the price is good. "
10/2008 01/2014 Airline... 
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