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Emirates is both one of the youngest and fastest growing major airlines in the world today. In terms of distance flown and passengers carried, Emirates is inside the top 5 and top 10 airlines in the world respectively. With the fleet size already standing at around 150, more than 100 extra planes are on order to complement the successful expansion of this prospering carrier. Emirates dominates business and personal flights in and out of their major hub at Dubai International Airport. Founded in 1985, the first flights were services to Mumbai and New Delhi. Partly due to the increasing important of Dubai as a business and holiday destination and the strategic location for connecting flights to the Far East and Australasia, the airline has been able to grow quickly and develop a healthy profit. Today, the airline carries over 23 million passengers each year and supports around 100 destinations worldwide including Los Angeles, New York City, London and a huge range of other cities across all 6 continents. Emirates has codeshare agreements with a range of partner airlines including Continental, Korean Air and Japan Airlines which enable the customer to benefit from a huge destination network.

05.06.2013  Emirates introduces flights from Dubai to Tokyo Haneda

Emirates added Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to its route network as of June 3rd. After Osaka and Tokyo Narita, this is the airline’s third destination...More

24.04.2013  Emirates will be the new strip sponsor of Real Madrid

Emirates will be the new strip sponsor for the football club Real Madrid. According to media reports the Dubai based Airline is close to signing a contract...More

Emirates Flights

Top offers for flights with Emirates

DateType of TripAirlinePrice pp from
1. Emirates Flights
25/01 - 29/01/2017 Lagos-Dubai Emirates Emirates £467.25
25/01 - 29/01/2017 Lagos-Dubai Emirates Emirates £467.25
2. Emirates Flights
19/10 - 26/11/2016 London-Dubai Emirates Emirates Determine price
31/10 - 15/11/2016 London-Dubai Emirates Emirates Determine price
3. Emirates Flights
24/10 - 28/10/2016 Cairo-Dubai Emirates Emirates £306.90
24/10 - 28/10/2016 Cairo-Dubai Emirates Emirates £306.90
4. Emirates Flights
20/12 - 10/01/2017 Johannesburg-London Emirates Emirates £675.87
20/12 - 10/01/2017 Johannesburg-London Emirates Emirates £675.87
5. Emirates Flights
03/11 - 13/11/2016 Dusseldorf-Melbourne Emirates Emirates Determine price
08/11 - 25/11/2016 Dusseldorf-Melbourne Emirates Emirates Determine price
6. Emirates Flights
26/10 - 20/01/2017 Kabul-Munich Emirates Emirates £962.08
26/10 - 20/01/2017 Kabul-Munich Emirates Emirates £962.08
7. Emirates Flights
11/11 - 18/11/2016 Kuwait-Dubai Emirates Emirates £151.73
11/11 - 18/11/2016 Kuwait-Dubai Emirates Emirates £151.73
8. Emirates Flights
10/01 - 30/01/2017 London-Bangkok Emirates Emirates £456.04
26/10 - 12/12/2016 London-Bangkok Emirates Emirates Determine price
9. Emirates Flights
25/12 - 03/01/2017 Nairobi-London Emirates Emirates £724.15
23/12 - 03/01/2017 Nairobi-London Emirates Emirates £921.56
10. Emirates Flights
03/11 - 05/12/2016 Accra-New York Emirates Emirates £1,037.08
15/10 - 09/12/2016 Accra-New York Emirates Emirates Determine price
11. Emirates Flights
27/11 - 27/12/2016 Amsterdam-Bangkok Emirates Emirates £413.80
24/01 - 21/02/2017 Amsterdam-Bangkok Emirates Emirates £413.80
12. Emirates Flights
05/01 - 29/01/2017 Barcelona-Hong Kong Emirates Emirates £468.97
04/01 - 29/01/2017 Barcelona-Hong Kong Emirates Emirates £468.97
13. Emirates Flights
16/01 - 31/01/2017 Paris-Phuket Emirates Emirates £497.42
16/01 - 31/01/2017 Paris-Phuket Emirates Emirates £497.42
14. Emirates Flights
17/12 - 07/01/2017 Paris-Lagos Emirates Emirates £954.32
17/12 - 07/01/2017 Paris-Lagos Emirates Emirates £954.32
15. Emirates Flights
21/10 - 23/10/2016 Doha-London Emirates Emirates £960.36
21/10 - 23/10/2016 Doha-London Emirates Emirates £960.36

Emirates Flight Information

  • Founded: 1985
  • Location: Dubai, United States Emirates
  • Owner(s): Government of United States Emirates
  • Number of Destinations: 70
  • Destinations: 6 destinations in America, 20 in Europe, 18 in Africa, 30 destinations in Asia and 6 in Australia
  • Alliance: none
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Skywards
  • Airline Website: www.emirates.com
  • Type of Aircraft: Airbus A330-200 / A340-500, Boeing 777-300ER
  • Average Aircraft Age: 5.8 years
  • Fleet Size: 120
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with Emirates: Airbus, Boeing

Emirates Skywards Frequent Flyer Program

Skywards from Emirates lets you earn miles and cash them in for discounts

Skywards is one of the world's best-known frequent flyer programs, no doubt because it is the points and discount system of the award-winning Emirates airlines. What sets Skywards apart is the fact that members can not only earn and redeem miles and discounts with Emirates, but also with partner airlines, including Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Korean Air, and South African Airways.

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Different kinds of membership with different prerequisites

For those interested in becoming a member of the Skywards frequent flier program, there are several membership categories to choose from. These include Skywards Blue, Skywards Silver and Skywards Gold. For a Blue member there are no requirements apart from registration. A Silver member must collect at least 25,000 status miles per year and a Gold member at least 50,000.

Baggage regulations for flights with Emirates

Special luggage items

There are no special rules for musical instruments. It can either be checked as normal luggage or taken into the cabin; the normal restrictions for weight and size apply. Another option is to book an additional seat for the musical instrument. Sporting equipment is in general counted toward the free baggage allowance.

Checked luggage

Depending on the route, either the weight concept or the piece concept is used. The piece concept is used on flights to Canada, the U.S. and Brazil.

Hand luggage

In addition to carry-on luggage (up to 7kg and 55 x 38 x 20 cm), cigarettes, drinks, food, etc. from the duty-free shop can be brought in reasonable quantities. First and Business Class passengers may take 2 carry-on items (up to 12 kg and 55 x 38 x 20 cm).
With over 400 awards for its achievements, Emirates Airlines is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. The airline provides some of the most generous baggage allowances in the world.
Attention: fly.co.uk is not responsible for the information provided. Please consult the airline website for up to date luggage information.

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
72 pts.

Environmental impact of Emirates

The Emirates airline has a better impact on the environment than others. It all starts by minimizing waste and maximizing the use of energy. This is only possible when they reuse and recycle. Emirates Group Headquarters(EGHQ)plays a major role in energy resources management. Here, a lot of recyclable waste such as paper, aluminium, plastic are collected. Not only this, but there are many other locations who give a helping hand in environment resource management. The use of cloth instead paper and buses instead of small vehicles enhances sustainable development. By using a single engine the aircraft saves up to 430,000 litres of fuel annually.

Efficient Use of Energy And Conservation

The Emirates use aircraft age of about six years which influences the environment a lot. With the use of young air-crafts, less fuel is burnt. It burns upto 20% less fuel than other air crafts. Burning less fuel results in lower carbon dioxide emissions. CO2 emissions play a vital role in regulating the temperature of the atmosphere. The conservation projects started by the airline such as Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve has protected a lot of desert animals resulting in protecting the desert habitat. Emirates also established a resort in Australia which tries to minimize water and energy consumption. Therefore, small steps make a big change.

Energy Efficiency Class And Ranking

Emirates is one of the top airlines in the world today. It has also been ranked as the world's leading carrier by Air Cargo World. Emirates is included in the list of 4-star airlines. It is given the rank of 20 in the world. There are different classes From A to F allotted to different airlines by German NGO Atmosfair. This airline has bagged the class C in energy efficiency classes. By this, it is known to us that this airline is very hygienic and looks after the environment very well.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

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"i have always found emerates to be excellent on..."
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Great Service, great entertainment, smooth flight
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Great Service, great entertainment, smooth flight
"Price was very competitive when given similar..."
04/2014 05/2014 JH 
Jewel of the Skies
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