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Explore one of the most visited areas in Portugal, lovely Faro. Faro is a small town located in southern Portugal. It is the capital of the Algarve region and Faro Airport is an international airport which boasts scheduled flights throughout Europe. The Algarve region has become a very popular tourist destination over the last few decades due to its beautiful Mediterranean-Subtropical climate and pristine coastal location. Faro has a public university which is known nationally for its academic excellence. Located in town are also a seaport, rail station and large bus terminal, making it accessible to many surrounding communities. Esadio Algarve is a large football stadium which often hosts concerts, festivals and other cultural events. A visit to the region isn't complete without sampling the unique cuisine, which is served throughout the area at many restaurants and cafes. For a holiday full of history, beauty and excitement, come visit lovely Faro today!

Portugal is one of the smallest, but most travelled countries in Europe. The Algarve region is particularly known for its pristine beaches and world class resorts. With plenty of museums and historical sites, the region gives visitors the opportunity to intimately experience the rich culture and history of the region. A visit to the Algarve isn't complete without sampling the unique cuisine. The famous, spicy dish Piri Piri Chicken originated in the area and is available at hundreds of restaurants throughout the Algarve country. So for a holiday full of culture, excitement and wonder, come visit beautiful Portugal!
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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. London-Faro
18/05 - 01/06/2017 London-Faro Norwegian Air International LTD
2. Bristol-Faro
19/11 - 31/12/2016 Bristol-Faro Multiple Carriers
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3. Manchester-Faro
10/04 - 16/04/2017 Manchester-Faro Jet2
4. Birmingham-Faro
27/03 - 31/03/2017 Birmingham-Faro Brussels Airlines
5. Liverpool-Faro
16/04 - 18/04/2017 Liverpool-Faro Blue Air
6. Belfast-Faro
14/11 - 26/11/2016 Belfast-Faro Multiple Carriers
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7. Newcastle-Faro
15/11 - 14/01/2017 Newcastle-Faro Multiple Carriers
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8. Bournemouth-Faro
18/11 - 15/12/2016 Bournemouth-Faro Multiple Carriers
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