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Finnair is the largest Finnish airline and the national flag carrier. It has also been ranked the 3rd safest airline in the world. Finnair focuses on flights between Europe and Asia in order to connect Helsinki with up to 60 international destinations. The airline was founded in 1923 and conducted it's first flight from Helsinki to Tallinn. At that time airplanes had to land in water because airports weren't available yet in some cities. During World War II the airline fell into financial difficulties because air raids in Finland made the period very difficult for the airline. In the following years the fleet was expanded and today consists of around 70 aircraft with further expansion planned. The Finnair flight plan includes many Asian cities such as Beijing, Bangkok, Delhi and Mumbai. North American customers enjoy regular flights to New York City and seasonal service to Toronto. With around 9 million passengers carried a year, the company is one of the leading airlines in the world. The frequent flyer program is called Finnair Plus. Passengers may collect miles depending on the distance and class of flight flown. Once enough miles are collected they can be redeemed for upgrades. As a member of the oneworld alliance, Finnair also offers frequent flyer partnerships with partner companies such as American Airlines or British Airways.

Finnair Flights

Top offers for flights with Finnair

DateType of TripAirlinePrice pp from
1. Finnair Flights
09/01 - 12/01/2017 Dublin-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £150.06
09/01 - 12/01/2017 Dublin-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £150.06
2. Finnair Flights
31/07 - 09/08/2017 Oulu-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £47.34
31/07 - 09/08/2017 Oulu-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £47.34
3. Finnair Flights
26/12 - 05/01/2017 Birmingham-New York John F Kennedy Finnair Finnair £732.42
26/12 - 05/01/2017 Birmingham-New York John F Kennedy Finnair Finnair £732.42
4. Finnair Flights
14/05 - 24/05/2017 Bangkok-London Finnair Finnair £650.25
14/05 - 24/05/2017 Bangkok-London Finnair Finnair £650.25
5. Finnair Flights
05/12 - 31/12/2016 Bangkok-Manchester Finnair Finnair Determine price
13/11 - 08/01/2017 Bangkok-Manchester Finnair Finnair Determine price
6. Finnair Flights
17/02 - 18/02/2017 Helsinki-Budapest Finnair Finnair £135.77
10/02 - 12/02/2017 Helsinki-Budapest Finnair Finnair £135.77
7. Finnair Flights
20/11 - 27/11/2016 Helsinki-Paris Finnair Finnair £168.81
11/11 - 14/11/2016 Helsinki-Paris Finnair Finnair £172.39
8. Finnair Flights
14/11 - 17/11/2016 Nice-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £166.14
14/11 - 17/11/2016 Nice-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £166.14
9. Finnair Flights
09/06 - 13/06/2017 Stockholm-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £72.35
02/12 - 06/12/2016 Stockholm-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £72.35
10. Finnair Flights
15/11 - 18/11/2016 Paris-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £167.92
14/11 - 17/11/2016 Paris-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £167.92
11. Finnair Flights
14/12 - 27/12/2016 Ireland-Detroit Finnair Finnair Determine price
05/12 - 11/12/2016 Ireland-Detroit Finnair Finnair Determine price
12. Finnair Flights
26/11 - 07/12/2016 Ireland-Detroit Finnair Finnair Determine price
22/11 - 14/12/2016 Ireland-Detroit Finnair Finnair Determine price
13. Finnair Flights
10/12 - 27/12/2016 Frankfurt-Dublin Finnair Finnair Determine price
28/11 - 03/01/2017 Frankfurt-Dublin Finnair Finnair Determine price
14. Finnair Flights
27/01 - 31/01/2017 Frankfurt-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £115.22
28/04 - 02/05/2017 Frankfurt-Helsinki Finnair Finnair £115.22
15. Finnair Flights
25/11 - 29/11/2016 Helsinki-Stockholm Finnair Finnair £69.67
25/11 - 28/11/2016 Helsinki-Stockholm Finnair Finnair £69.67

Finnair Flight Information

  • Founded: 1923
  • Location: Vantaa, Finland
  • Owner(s): Government of Finland (55,8%)
  • Number of Destinations: over 60
  • Destinations: 15 domestic destinations, 55 international destinations focusing on Asia
  • Alliance: Oneworld
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Finnair Plus
  • Airline Website:
  • Features: The airline has been ranked one of the safest airlines in the world with no hull-loss accident since 1953
  • Type of Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 / A319-100, Embraer 170-100STD/LR
  • Average Aircraft Age: 6.2 years
  • Fleet Size: 65
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with Finnair: Airbus, Embraer, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, ATR, de Havilland Canada

Finnair Finnair Plus Frequent Flyer Program

Enjoy a host of benefits as a Finnair Plus member

The Finnair Plus frequent flyer program from the Finnish airline of the same name puts the emphasis very much on transparency, simplicity, and benefits galore for members. Finnair Plus works very closely with other frequent flyer programs from partner airlines, including American Airlines and British Airways, which are in the oneworld alliance along with Finnair.

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Use miles to enjoy services from Finnair and its partners

The frequent flier program comprises four different membership levels: Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. A minimum number of miles per calendar year must be collected to reach one of the levels. The more miles you collect, the more preferential treatment you will get. As a Platinum member you therefore profit from the full range of services provided by Finnair Plus.

Baggage regulations for flights with Finnair

Special luggage items

Passengers flying Finnair who wish to take sporting equipment or musical instruments into the cabin should note that they must register in advance. If the item does not exceed a weight of 23kg and a length of 200cm, a fee ranging between EUR 30 and 80 applies. Heavy baggage in this category may cost a significant amount more, although this depends greatly on the specific connection.

Checked luggage

When checking baggage, note that the sum of the dimensions of the item may not exceed 158 cm for flights from Europe to North America. In Economy Class, for all connections one piece of luggage up to 23kg in weight may be checked. In the other fare classes or with a corresponding membership card, the limit is raised to two items, each weighing up to 23kg. Small children may take one item up to 23kg in all fare classes.

Hand luggage

Passengers wishing to fly with Finnair on holiday or for business should take a close look at the baggage allowances. On all flights, Finnair passengers flying Business Class and holders of a Platinum, Gold or Silver Finnair Plus card can take two pieces of luggage with a total weight of 10kg. All other passengers may take one piece of luggage up to eight kilograms on board on domestic and holiday flights. Luggage may not exceed dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25cm. The same rules apply for children and adults.
The Finnish Airline Finnair was founded in 1923. It is based in Vantaa. Its home airport and main hub is in Helsinki. The official name of the airport is Helsinki-Vantaa. Finnair is the largest airline in this Northern European country. Every year, more than seven million passengers are transported with the carrier, which serves destinations in Europe as well as North America and Asia. Finnair cooperates using codesharing with Air Berlin and Air France or Air France-KLM.
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Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
55,5 pts.

Environmental impact of Finnair

Finnair airlines has a zero CO2 emission target: they already exceed the statutory minimum requirements and aim to increase efficiency in future. This will be achieved through the use of a young fleet of airliners, particularly utilizing the Airbus A320 XWB aircraft, which is expected to be in use between 2015 and 2017. With an average fuel consumption of less than three litres per passenger per kilometre, this new model is instrumental in the policy goal of further reducing the fleet's carbon footprint. Finnair also launched its first biofuel project in 2011. This and other sustainable development projects to protect the environment are ongoing.

Waste reduction policy at Finnair airlines

Finnair is committed to the recycling of glass, paper and metal waste, with a focus on using these resources as materials in industry and reducing the carbon footprint of the company. The policy extends throughout the company's outlook, including as far as the use of biodegradable packaging in catering. Waste output is further reduced through the use of the 'continuous descent' landing method, which reduces both fuel consumption and sound pollution when aircraft are landing. Over half of Finnair's landings use this method, saving approximately five million kilograms of fuel per year and contributing to the company's overall CO2 emission reduction plan.

Energy rankings and fuel efficiency

Within energy efficiency class D, and with an airline point score of 55, 5, Finnair has an airline rank of 81st in the Atmosfair gGbmH rating system, out of 125 airlines assessed. These figures represent an efficiency point improvement of 1.3 compared to the previous years' data, indicating that the company is becoming more energy efficient. As this statistic is calculated partly based on aircraft type, the introduction of new models into the Finnair fleet suggests further improvement can be expected.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

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Dreadful service
"Dreadful would never use either company again"
07/2016 07/2016 Gast1499 
"It was ok and I recommend this airline to others...."
11/2015 11/2015 cry 
Pleasant flight
"Jos aika käy joulunpyhinä pitkäksi, laatikon..."
10/2015 10/2015 mountai... 
The business class seat would not work
"The return flight of this leg was held waiting for..."
06/2015 07/2015 No Sleep 
Stopover en-route from Bangkok to London
"very punctual and great value for money"
12/2014 12/2014 Emilia 
Finnair flight from Bangkok to Helsinki
"This was excellent value for money - the price was..."
12/2014 12/2014 Emilia 
Poor review
"Unable to comment, didn't take return flight...."
12/2013 12/2013 Gast2566 
Good flight but not safety
"I has paid a bit expensive for the flights but the..."
07/2013 08/2013 Dora2303 
All good
"All good, no problems, no hassle"
06/2013 07/2013 Gast460 
The interior of the aircraft was quite spacious and clean
"It was somewhat expensive, but we were perfectly..."
11/2008 05/2013 Guest 783 
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