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Offers for flights from Florence (FLR) to Seattle Tacoma (SEA)

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1.16/12/2016 - 01/01/2017 Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) Lufthansa

This was by far the WORST check in I have ever experienced. it would appear that…


The food was average and the drinks were good


When the seat in front is reclined your leg room then becomes a problem


As you can tell the CHECK IN spoilt the whole flight for me. I was treated like a…

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2.16/12/2016 - 02/01/2017 Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) Delta Air Lines

All of the above--Excellent. The check-in staff were very helpful.


Extremely efficient and excellent. There was no food on this flight.


Very Good. Obviously maintained to a high standard.


The sevice from booking to arrival was excellent throughout.However Having to pay…

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3.16/12/2016 - 02/01/2017 Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) United Airlines

The check in was at the atomatic teller, but it didn't recognize European passports.


Just gave us 1 soft drink and 1 bagel. Junk food could be purchased additionally.


Clean aircraft with good seats and lots of leg room.


Very punctual and a good price for the 5 hour flight.

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Additional offers

DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
4.18/12 - 02/01/2017Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) Condor
5.18/12 - 02/01/2017Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) British Airways
6.18/12 - 02/01/2017Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) Lufthansa
7.18/12 - 02/01/2017Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) United Airlines
8.18/12 - 30/12/2016Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) British Airways
9.18/12 - 30/12/2016Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) United Airlines
10.18/12 - 30/12/2016Florence (FLR) - Seattle Tacoma (SEA) Lufthansa
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