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Guatemala is a fascinating and varied country, lying in Central America, south of Mexico. La Aurora International Airport, near Guatemala City, supports international flights to the USA and South America. Guatemala features both an Atlantic and a Caribbean coastline, separated by mountains and volcanoes. The country is famous for its beautiful scenery, hosting a wealth of Mayan ruins and a chance to discover their intriguing traditions and history. Chichicastenango is a Mayan town in the mountains, famous for its markets, offering authentic local goods. Lake Atitlan is a beautiful lake set in the mountains, surrounded by charming and picturesque villages, which is a real visitor favorite. A tour of the renowned Tikal Mayan ruins is a must. Tikal, the largest Mayan city, boasts a wealth of temples and other ancient buildings. Watching the sun rise over the ruins is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Famous volcanoes, including Volcán de Pacaya, near the beautiful town of Antigua, can be climbed to the crater at around 8000 feet in good weather.

Guatemala has a rich history, based around Spanish occupation and the ancient Maya peoples, and evidence of human life which may stretch back to 18000 BC has been found. The arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century caused an epidemic, devastating many of the local populations, although their cities and temples remain today. An unusually storied modern history featuring dictatorships, domestic and foreign coups and a civil war culminated in 1996 when the peace accords were signed, since when democracy and peace have prevailed. For an unrivaled culture and captivating history against a backdrop of stunning scenery, Guatemala is an emerging holiday destination sure to fascinate and delight!

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1. Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)
22/12 - 18/02/2017 Aberdeen-Quetzaltenango Multiple Carriers
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07/12 - 13/01/2017 Belfast-Quetzaltenango Multiple Carriers
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