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Experience the rich tradition and natural beauty of lovely Ireland! Almost no country has such a celebrated and embraced history as Ireland and it has become a popular tourist destination for people worldwide. With it's rolling green hills, hearty cuisine and famous Guinness beer this country will please visitors young and old. Many come to walk to the lush, tranquil countryside, while perhaps just as many visit well known cities such as Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork and Galway. Dublin boosts one of the largest international airports in Europe and serves regular flights to major North American and European destinations. Although the capital city has a wealth of sites and historical background, it also has a well deserved reputation for fine restaurants and world class shopping. Kilkenny is a charming medieval town that annually hosts a number of festivals and shows and is a favorite among the locals, as well as visitors.

Ireland's climate is fairly consistent, influenced largely by it's Atlantic location and temperatures rarely venturing into either extreme. Although rainfall is common throughout the year, it rarely rains for long durations of time and this unique characteristic sustains the country's breathtakingly lush landscape. Dublin is one of the largest cities in Europe and has a large volume of visiting business travellers from all corners of the world. Regardless of visiting Ireland for business or for pleasure, this country is sure to charm and surprise you!

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. Dublin (Ireland)
09/02 - 13/02/2017 London-Dublin Ryanair
26/12 - 31/01/2017 London-Dublin Ryanair
2. Shannon (Ireland)
25/11 - 28/11/2016 London-Shannon Ryanair
24/01 - 29/01/2017 Edinburgh-Shannon British Airways
3. Cork (Ireland)
07/11 - 12/11/2016 London-Cork Ryanair
09/11 - 12/11/2016 London-Cork Ryanair
4. Knock (Ireland)
10/04 - 17/04/2017 London-Knock British Airways
16/04 - 17/04/2017 Liverpool-Knock Ryanair
5. Waterford (Ireland)
11/11 - 18/11/2016 London-Waterford Multiple Carriers
Determine price
03/12 - 13/12/2016 Birmingham-Waterford Multiple Carriers
Determine price
6. Kerry County (Ireland)
18/11 - 20/11/2016 London-Kerry County Ryanair
23/07 - 05/08/2017 London-Kerry County Ryanair
7. Belmullet (Ireland)
17/11 - 05/01/2017 Aberdeen-Belmullet Multiple Carriers
Determine price
16/12 - 02/02/2017 Belfast-Belmullet Multiple Carriers
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