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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1.15/01/2017 - 21/01/2017 Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) SunExpress

The check-in went smootly. A major plus was the competence and the friendliness of…


Unfortunately, only snacks were served, nothing warm, but when I asked for one, I…


I sat on the aisle. The condition of the seat was good, but there could have been…


The punctuality was remarkable, and the service on board, other than the lack of a…

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2.07/04/2017 - 23/04/2017 Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) Lufthansa

This was by far the WORST check in I have ever experienced. it would appear that…


The food was average and the drinks were good


When the seat in front is reclined your leg room then becomes a problem


As you can tell the CHECK IN spoilt the whole flight for me. I was treated like a…

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3.20/12/2016 - 05/01/2017 Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) Turkish Airlines

We didn't take off on time.


The cups for the drinks are too small. You're still thirsty afterwards. For so…


It was much too cramped. There was hardly and leg room, and screaming children…


We took off very late and it was very expensive considering the poor services.

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Additional offers

DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
4.13/12 - 27/12/2016Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) Turkish Airlines
5.06/04 - 23/04/2017Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) Swiss International Air Lines
6.10/01 - 12/01/2017Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) Turkish Airlines
7.23/12 - 15/01/2017Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) Turkish Airlines
8.23/12 - 15/01/2017Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) Turkish Airlines
9.13/11 - 22/11/2016Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) SunExpress
10.13/11 - 22/11/2016Izmir (ADB) - Hanover (HAJ) SunExpress
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