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Japan Airlines is the largest airline in Japan and the sixth largest in the world. Currently, Africa is the only continent not included in the flight plan. In 2007, the company became a member of the oneworld alliance. The history of the airline started long before the official foundation. As early as the 1920s, the forerunners of the company were founded. After the Japanese capitulation in the Pacific War the allied forces forbade any kind of air traffic. Only in 1951 did flight service resume and was consolidated under Japan Air Lines Co. Ltd. Initially, only the local network of routes were reopened before the first international flight from Tokyo to San Francisco was launched in 1954. In 2001 Japan Air Systems and Japan Airlines merged and the current name was introduced. Nowadays the worldwide air route network includes more than 100 destinations and the connections to other Asian countries are well developed. Additionally, Japan Airlines is the only Asian airline offering service to Mexico City. Other American destinations include Chicago, Vancouver, Sao Paulo and Honolulu. In Europe, major cities including London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Moscow are served. Different destinations can be reached via codeshare agreements with partner airlines.

Japan Airlines Flights

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27/12 - 16/01/2017 Tokyo-Rome Japan Airlines Japan Airlines £642.69
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08/11 - 05/01/2017 Vietnam-San Francisco Japan Airlines Japan Airlines Determine price
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Japan Airlines Flight Information

  • Founded: 1951
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Owner(s): Japan Airlines Corporation
  • Number of Destinations: 125
  • Destinations: Most of the destinations are located in Japan, other are located in Europe, America and Oceania
  • Maintenance: Japan Aircraft Maintenance Co.
  • Alliance: Oneworld
  • Frequent Flyer Program: JAL Mileage Bank
  • Airline Website: www.jal.com/
  • Features: Only Asian airline that flies to Mexico City
  • Type of Aircraft: Boeing 767-300 / 747-400
  • Average Aircraft Age: 11.9 years
  • Fleet Size: 200
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with Japan Airlines: Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, Embraer

Japan Airlines JAL Mileage Bank Frequent Flyer Program

The Exclusive Mileage Club of Japan Airlines

Members can earn more with JAL Mileage Bank from Japan Airlines. Clients have the option to join as individuals or as families with the JAL Family Club. Clients may also apply for the JAL Card, or the JAL USA Card for those resident in the US. JAL Mileage Bank members can earn miles when they fly with Japan Airlines or with partner airlines Air Berlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Lan, Malev, Mexicana, Qantas, Royal Jordanian Airlines, S7 Airlines, Air France, Emirates, China Eastern and Hokkaido Air System. Miles can also be earned at around 13000 hotels worldwide and through a number of other partners including car rentals, shopping, subscriptions and telecommunications. Miles can be redeemed through flights, upgrades, JAL hotel stays and other purchases. Membership Tiers The most frequent flyers receive more benefits, with JAL Mileage Bank operating four higher membership tiers ? Crystal, Sapphire, Premier and Diamond, requiring 30000, 50000, 80000 and 100000 fly on points respectively, or the equivalent in flight numbers and points combined. Each tier brings further benefits such as lounge access, priority check in, extra baggage, priority standby, bonus miles and, for the highest tiers, fast security lanes and special security gates.

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Baggage regulations for flights with Japan Airlines

Special luggage items

Special equipment, such as golf clubs, surfboards, cycles and musical instruments (in hard-shell cases) can be checked in on Japan Airlines flights but will count as part of each passenger?s baggage allowance and extra charges may apply if weight restrictions are exceeded. The airline also allows for pets to be transported in pet containers with charges varying depending on the region and the type of animal.

Checked luggage

On international flights operated by Japan Airlines, First and Executive class passengers are entitled to check in up to 3 pieces of baggage, each not exceeding 32kg. Economy and Premium Economy passengers may check in 2 items not exceeding 23kg each. Excess baggage charges will apply. On domestic flights, there is no limit to the amount of bags that may be checked in but each must not weigh more than 20kg. Restricted items in check-in baggage include cash, jewellery, valuables and securities, which must be carried on board. Any sharp objects and flammables such as lighters or matches should be stored in checked-in luggage.

Hand luggage

Passengers on all Japan Airlines flights are allowed one item of carry-on baggage. On international flights, the piece of luggage should weigh no more than 10kg and not exceed total dimensions of 115cm. On domestic flights, passengers can take on board one personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag, and a piece of baggage. Total weight of both items should not exceed 10kg. No sharp objects may be taken on board and liquids not exceeding 100ml must be carried in a clear, resealable plastic bag.
Japan Airlines is the national flag carrier of Japan, founded in 1951 and based in Tokyo with its main hubs at Narita and Tokyo International Airports. Known as JAL, Japan Airlines services both the domestic and international market through several subsidiaries and carries on average 52 million passengers every year.
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Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
54,1 pts.

Environmental impact of Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines International is creating "Sky Eco", which promotes several projects that benefit the atmosphere by reducing the carbon footprint. With its business activities, Japan Airlines International works to maintain a healthy world atmosphere, and intends to positively impact the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. The airline has also made use of the new Boeing 777-200, which is fuel efficient. The airline will work with atmosfair gGmbH to promote energy resources management, which will reduce CO2 emissions by utilizing optimized flight lengths. The airline has also published Sky Eco News, which instructs individual flyers how they can reduce fossil fuel pollution.

Japan Airlines International and Atmosfair gGmbH

Atmosfair’s main goal is to protect the environment by compensating greenhouse gasses with sustainable development. They are working with Japan Airlines International to promote sustainable development research, which will offset the carbon footprint and positively impact the environment. By using energy resources management, atmosfair gGmbH will allow customers to view their own CO2 waste product emitted with each flight. By viewing this information, passengers can travel with an attitude of avoidance, and direct themselves away from fuel-costly airlines. Japan Airlines International will also allow customers to compensate the environment based upon their millage. This monetary compensation will fund sustainable development research.

Japan Airlines International Awarded Class D

Atmosfair gGmbh gives airlines efficiency points to depict their fuel efficiency. Japan Airlines International has been given 54.1 efficiency points, which informs customers about the airline's flight length. The efficiency point scale ranges from 1 to 100. Japan Airlines International was awarded an airline rank of 87 by Atmosfair gGmbh among other ranking airlines, which further depicts the airline's fuel efficiency. The airline was awarded an efficiency class of D, on a scale from A to F, among other ranking airlines.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

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Very satisfied!
"No problems, everything was great!!"
06/2013 11/2013 123456 
"You were allowed to bring additional luggage..."
07/2011 11/2013 Pic21 
I'd do it again anytime
"Punctual take off and landing. "
05/2013 11/2013 Guest 1820 
Everything was great!
"I chose the cheapest option at the time that I was..."
06/2013 11/2013 123456 
Japan – worth the trip! Even the the flight was worth it!
"I arrived at the check in very late, and with other..."
02/2010 11/2013 Guest 3267 
Hongkong – Tokyo with JAL
"Relatively expensive flight as usual, between asian..."
06/2010 11/2013 Guest 3052 
Tokyo – Hongkong with JAL
"Relatively expensive flight as usual, between asian..."
06/2010 11/2013 Guest 2084 
Flight Seoul – Haneda
"The punctuality was the best. The value for the..."
09/2010 11/2013 Guest 2673 
The seats were a bit tight, but otherwise no worries :-)
"No worries all around with the luggage, everything..."
09/2009 11/2013 Guest 1309 
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