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Come visit one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Cyprus, Larnaca. Allow yourself plenty of time to discover everything this fascinating city has to offer. The country's largest airport, Larnaca International, offers regular domestic and international flights. Larnaca is renowned worldwide as a diver's haven and has a wide range of diving opportunities for newcomers and experienced divers alike. The Wreck of the Zenobia is revered in diving circles and many are fascinated by its largely intact remains. In the city, the Church of St. Lazarus is an ancient architectural marvel dating back to the 9th century AD. It is rumored that Lazarus, Mary's brother, was buried in the area around the tomb. The Larnaca Salt Lake, just west of the city, supports a plethora of unique wildlife. In the evening, enjoy the local cuisine at one of the many restaurants and afterward enjoy the vibrant nightlife the town boasts. To truly experience the Mediterranean, visit beautiful, historical Larnaca!

Records of civilisations in Cyprus have been traced as far back as 8400 BC, so it is little surprise that many historical traditions here are firmly rooted in local culture, offering a fascinating and authentic insight for any visitor. Despite political struggles 30 years ago, the island now enjoys peace and has once again become a top destination for tourists of all backgrounds. Cyprian cuisine shares similarites with Greek fares with delicious citrus tones, grilled meats and fresh vegetables. For those seeking rich history, exquisite eating and stunning scenery, Cyprus is the perfect holiday destination!
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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. London-Larnaca
07/12 - 11/12/2016 London-Larnaca Hahn Air Systems
2. Birmingham-Larnaca
13/12 - 10/01/2017 Birmingham-Larnaca Lufthansa
3. Leeds-Larnaca
13/12 - 02/01/2017 Leeds-Larnaca Multiple Carriers
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4. Belfast-Larnaca
21/12 - 06/02/2017 Belfast-Larnaca Multiple Carriers
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5. Manchester-Larnaca
14/12 - 10/01/2017 Manchester-Larnaca Lufthansa
6. Bristol-Larnaca
14/11 - 19/11/2016 Bristol-Larnaca Multiple Carriers
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7. Cardiff-Larnaca
20/11 - 03/01/2017 Cardiff-Larnaca Multiple Carriers
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