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Lufthansa was founded in January 1926 in Berlin after a merger between two other companies. The first flights were services between Berlin-Moscow, Berlin-Cologne-Paris and Munich-Salzburg-Klagenfurt-Venice. Following the Second World War, regular air traffic resumed in April 1955. Today more than 200 destinations in 81 countries form one of the widest networks in the world. The main Lufthansa hub is Frankfurt, one of the busiest airports in the world. Within Germany, the airline operates at 18 major and regional airports. As a founding member of the global Star Alliance, the is represented worldwide and together with partners serves 855 destinations to 155 different countries. The airline has various subsidiaries such as Austrian Airlines. The Lufthansa frequent flyer program is called Miles & More and is shared among several European airlines such as Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Airlines.
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Lufthansa Flight Information

  • Founded: 1926
  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Owner(s): Lufthansa Aviation Group
  • Number of Destinations: 202
  • Destinations: 18 destination airports in Germany, altogether almost 200 international destinations
  • Maintenance: Lufthansa Technik AG
  • Alliance: Star Alliance
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Miles & More
  • Airline Website:
  • Features: SMS Check-In possible

18.12.2013  Lufthansa asks Swedes to change their names to “Klaus-Heidi”

The German company Lufthansa is running a crazy marketing campaign in Sweden, “Är du Klaus-Heidi?” (Are you Klaus-Heidi?), asking citizens to change their names. As a reward for changing their identity, the airline will give them a new life in Berlin. What sounds like a joke is actually serious, and probably the craziest marketing idea in the history of aviation. Who wouldn’t want to be given the asexual and only seemingly typical German name of Klaus-Heidi by a German airline? That may very well have been the idea that the marketing agency DDB working for Lufthansa had when coming up with this absolutely whacky campaign.  And winning a completely new life in Berlin does sounds tempting indeed! Lufthansa offers Swedes a new life in Berlin The absurd publicity campaign, which Lufthansa is using to launch its route from beautiful Stockholm to the pulsating city of Berlin, is a big prize:  one person named Klaus-Heidi will fly with Lufthansa to Berlin. A chauffeur will be waiting for them at the airport, who will then drive them to their new city flat. The prize includes a flat with modern fittings that is 70 square metres in size. It comes with a king-sized bed, wireless LAN and even a bicycle.  Lufthansa will pay for the rental flat for one year, and since German is a hard language to learn, the airline is throwing in private German lessons as well. The winner will also receive free flights to Frankfurt am Main and Munich, and get an unlimited pass for the public transportation system.  So regardless of whether they were once an Elsa, Olaf, Wilma, or Svenson, any Swede who is willing to be called Klaus-Heidi and live in the capital of Germany, simply needs to change their name and win. Lufthansa receives unforeseen feedback from Sweden Now, if Lufthansa had done their homework, they would have known that there is less bureaucracy involved when changing your name in Sweden, to the point where it might just be the easiest place to do so in the entire world.  The Swedish authorities do not even require you to provide a reason for the name change. And that is the reason that Lufthansa was suddenly standing across from 41 newly named Klaus-Heidis (most of them male) between the ages of 19 and 69. The airline had been expecting around four or five tops – if any at all. Lufthansa rewards Klaus-Heidis Only one of the 41 participants in the crazy campaign could win a new life in the German capital. Twenty-four-year-old Klaus-Heidi Anderson will now be moving from Sweden to Berlin. Lufthansa at least gave the other Klaus-Heidis a Silver Card for Miles and More, including 60,000 air miles. What remains from this publicity campaign that up until now is entirely one-of-a-kind is the name: there wasn’t a single Klaus-Heidi anywhere before it. And this is how Lufthanse sees the new life of Klaus-Heidi Anderson: Source: Lufthansa/YouTube More

28.06.2013  Lufthansa: Restrictions on Spanish flights due to strikes

Lufthansa passengers as well as passengers of Air Berlin and other international airlines will have to deal with delays in flights to and from Spain from June 28th until July 15th. This in particular concerns flights to and from Barcelona-El Prat. Lufthansa passengers, passengers of Air Berlin and other international airlines will have to deal with delays in flights to and from Spain from June 28th until  July 15th. Due to a strike by the airport service provider Swissport,there will be delays, in particular, at Barcelona-El Prat airport. However, flights from Alicante, Malaga, Jerez de la Frontera, Almeria, Fuerteventura and Valencia will also be boycotted. Lufthansa requests that passengers check the latest status of their flight before departure. Customers affected by flight cancellations are permitted to either cancel or rebook their tickets. Please consult the Lufthansa website for information on the status of your flight. In addition, from June 28th to July 15th Air Berlin will be redirecting a lot of Barcelona flights to Reus. A bus transfer will then be set up by the airline between the airport in Reus and Barcelona airport. Affected passengers should go to the Air Berlin ticket desk at the airport upon arrival in Barcelona at least four hours before departure. More

19.06.2013  Lufthansa frequent flyer wins trial versus the airline

Lufthansa terminated the membership of a frequent flyer from their ‘Miles & More’ programme for reselling an award-mile ticket. The airline recently lost its second appeal in court. A frequent Lufthansa flyer won a decision in court against Germany’s biggest airline where he was accused of purchasing a flight using award miles. According to the judge at the Higher Regional Court of Cologne the frequent flyer had the right to sell the ticketsince the restrictions on transfer for premium miles in Lufthansa’s general terms and conditions do not comply with the law. Lufthansa was therefore not authorised to remove his membership from the frequent flyer programme ‘Miles & More’. However, the court conceded that the verdict was only relevant in this particular concrete case and Lufthansa customers will not be able to resell their award-mile tickets without difficulty in the future. Lufthansa now “almost certainly” will appear before the German Federal Court of Justice since, according to the airline, the customer did have permission to give the mile programme ticket to friends and family, but not to sell it. Customers receive the award-mile ticket as a reward for their loyalty, explained Lufthansa spokesman Klaus Gorny. Trading award miles could lead to a situation in the future where very few award miles expire. At the beginning of the year, a frequent flyer was successful in another debate concerning award miles: He and the airline agreed that changes to the mile system should be announced three months in advance. More specifically, it was a way of devaluating the award-mile account of the complaining customer. More

30.05.2013  Germanwings adopts further Lufthansa flights

At the beginning of the coming winter flight plan Germanwings is adopting further Lufthansa flights in Germany and in the European region. From the end of October the airline will be providing several routes from Berlin-Tegel and Hamburg airports. Germanwings is adopting further connections from its parent company Lufthansa this autumn. Beginning at the end of October, the airline will be providing several new routes in Germany and Europe from the Berlin-Tegel and Hamburg airports. Starting on October 27, Germanwings will be flying from the Berlin-Tegel Airport to Birmingham, Bologna and Geneva and beginning November 13 to Nuremberg and Rome. Flights to Bucharest will be adopted into the Germanwings flight plan on November 14. The Lufthansa connections from Berlin-Tegel Airport to Helsinki, Milan and Vienna are being adopted by Germanwings starting November 27. Germanwings is taking over flights between Hamburg and the Moscow-Vnukovo Airport as of October 27. Lufthansa passengers who have already booked these routes will automatically be rebooked for the corresponding Germanwings connections. More

Lufthansa Flights

Top offers for flights with Lufthansa

DateType of TripAirlinePrice pp from
1. Lufthansa Flights
14/05 - 19/05/2015 Birmingham-Frankfurt Lufthansa Lufthansa £104.46
24/04 - 26/04/2015 Birmingham-Frankfurt Lufthansa Lufthansa £104.46
2. Lufthansa Flights
11/05 - 19/05/2015 Manchester-Munich Lufthansa Lufthansa £111.04
08/05 - 12/05/2015 Manchester-Munich Lufthansa Lufthansa £116.88
3. Lufthansa Flights
19/04 - 25/04/2015 Birmingham-Munich Lufthansa Lufthansa £116.88
24/10 - 31/10/2015 Birmingham-Munich Lufthansa Lufthansa £117.61
4. Lufthansa Flights
20/08 - 25/08/2015 Manchester-Berlin Lufthansa Lufthansa £147.56
09/04 - 14/04/2015 Manchester-Berlin Lufthansa Lufthansa £150.48
5. Lufthansa Flights
04/06 - 07/06/2015 Manchester-Frankfurt Lufthansa Lufthansa £104.46
04/07 - 18/07/2015 Manchester-Frankfurt Lufthansa Lufthansa £104.46
6. Lufthansa Flights
04/06 - 08/06/2015 Birmingham-Berlin Lufthansa Lufthansa £149.75
04/06 - 08/06/2015 Birmingham-Berlin Lufthansa Lufthansa £149.75
7. Lufthansa Flights
17/04 - 20/04/2015 Manchester-Istanbul Lufthansa Lufthansa £182.63
17/04 - 20/04/2015 Manchester-Istanbul Lufthansa Lufthansa £182.63
8. Lufthansa Flights
15/05 - 17/05/2015 Manchester-Hamburg Lufthansa Lufthansa £127.11
20/03 - 22/03/2015 Manchester-Hamburg Lufthansa Lufthansa £128.57
9. Lufthansa Flights
14/05 - 18/05/2015 London-Frankfurt Lufthansa Lufthansa £103.73
03/04 - 06/05/2015 London-Frankfurt Lufthansa Lufthansa Determine price
10. Lufthansa Flights
19/03 - 24/03/2015 London-Moscow Lufthansa Lufthansa £149.02
13/03 - 22/03/2015 London-Moscow Lufthansa Lufthansa Determine price
11. Lufthansa Flights
19/03 - 24/03/2015 Birmingham-Hamburg Lufthansa Lufthansa £132.95
20/07 - 29/08/2015 Birmingham-Hamburg Lufthansa Lufthansa £132.95
12. Lufthansa Flights
30/10 - 03/11/2015 Munich-Manchester Lufthansa Lufthansa £88.39
30/10 - 03/11/2015 Munich-Manchester Lufthansa Lufthansa £88.39
13. Lufthansa Flights
07/04 - 13/04/2015 Manchester-Dusseldorf Lufthansa Lufthansa £87.66
07/04 - 13/04/2015 Manchester-Dusseldorf Lufthansa Lufthansa £87.66
14. Lufthansa Flights
06/04 - 23/04/2015 London-Warsaw Lufthansa Lufthansa Determine price
13/03 - 21/04/2015 London-Warsaw Lufthansa Lufthansa Determine price
15. Lufthansa Flights
02/05 - 09/05/2015 Manchester-Izmir Lufthansa Lufthansa £241.07
02/05 - 09/05/2015 Manchester-Izmir Lufthansa Lufthansa £241.07

Lufthansa Miles & More Frequent Flyer Program

Miles & More is one of the world's most popular frequent flyer programs

As well as being Germany's leading airline, Lufthansa's Miles & More frequent flyer program also ensures that international passengers hold it in high esteem. Anyone wishing to sign up for the Miles & More program can do so on the airline website and start earning miles on flights with Lufthansa and oneworld partner airlines.

... read more

Europe's leading frequent flyer program comes with a world of benefits

Miles & More is regarded as the most frequently used frequent flier program in Europe. The reasons for this lie in the many benefits of membership. Overall, the program offers four categories which lead to membership. These include Miles & More participants, Frequent Traveller, Senator and Hon Circle members. The special thing about the program is that a Hon Circle member must collect a total of 600,000 miles within 24 months. Other airlines generally calculate in calendar year cycles. As a standard member of Miles & More, you only need to collect a single air mile to become a member.

Baggage regulations for flights with Lufthansa

Special luggage items

"Sporting equipment in the category ""small"" may be transported as part of the free baggage allowance. Ski equipment may also be transported free of charge. This does not apply to North Atlantic routes, however."

Checked luggage

The checked baggage is stored in the cargo compartment. As of 1 June 2011, Lufthansa has implemented standardised regulations on baggage allowances. The baggage allowance depends on the service class booked and the passenger's Miles & More status.

Hand luggage

In First and Business Class, passengers are allowed to bring two items of carry-on baggage, in Economy Class only one item may be taken on board. In addition to the carry-on item, passengers may bring a handbag, a small shoulder bag or clutch or a small laptop bag, a coat, cloak or travel blanket, a small camera or pair of binoculars, a reasonable amount or reading material, an infant carrier and baby food for the trip, and crutches or other orthopaedic equipment. No sharp or pointed objects or blunt objects, such as a baseball bat, may be brought on board.
Lufthansa is a leading European airline. The airline has a large route network from, across and to Europe; together with SWISS, AUA, bmi and Brussels Airlines it flies to some 274 destinations in 104 countries on four continents. Its baggage restrictions vary accordingly.
Attention: is not responsible for the information provided. Please consult the airline website for up to date luggage information.

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
63,7 pts.

Environmental impact of Lufthansa

In 2012, Lufthansa received once more the European Eco-Audit regulations certificate, which awards its efforts in the reduction of the CO2 emissions and minimization of the carbon footprint, and was again certified with the Eco-Standard ISO 14001. Every year, the company is externally and internally audited and every three years all the corporate environmental system has to be analysed by external auditors in order to get certified. Working to obtain a good balance between the ecological and economical aspects, sustainable development, the impact on the environment and the energy resources management are considered top-priority corporate objectives.

Lufthansa - Environmental and Energy Resources Management

Lufthansa has always been extremely active in carbon offsetting, both in climate research and in reducing the CO2 emissions. Its main focus is to continue reducing fuel consumption and the carbon footprint, through the continuous modernization of the fleet as well as various emission reduction strategies in the area of operations. With myclimate, a non-profit foundation that meets the quality standards set by Lufthansa, the airline has a partner to help reduce the carbon footprint and achieve a sustainable development. Myclimate provides passengers with a chance to make a contribution to minimizing CO2 emissions and the impact on the environment.

Energy Efficiency Points and Classification

The German NGO Atmosfair gGmbH established efficiency points and energy efficiency classes from A to F, ranking each airline accordingly. The index shows the efficiency points of an airline broken down by the distance of the flights. In 2012, Lufthansa had a score of 63,7 against the 57,0 that it had in the 2011, which shows an important improvement. This demonstrates that the measures implemented by the airline have been truly effective. In the overall ranking of 125 airlines, Lufthansa place 54th, and in the D class of energy efficiency.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

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"not too impressed, it was on time, but know airlines..."
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"Queue upon boarding!Wasn't necessary! Average..."
12/2007 01/2014 Virdigo 
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"The whole flight went without any problems and I..."
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"The train from Cologne to Frankfurt wasn't included..."
04/2008 01/2014 Chris S.  
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"Landed punctually and the price was fair. "
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