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Visit the beautiful Andalusian city of Malaga! One of the most visited parts of Spain, Andalusia is home to stunning landscapes and vibrant cities like Malaga, easily reached by Malaga Airport. Limited services to North America and a whole host of European and African connections are available. Malaga is situated on the Costa del Sol (coast of the sun) along the Mediterranean Sea and attracts visitors to beautiful beaches, fine hotels and a firmly established entertainment scene with delicious restaurants, lively bars and thriving nightlife. With a history dating back almost 3000 years, it is one of the oldest cities in the world, having been founded around 770 BC. Art fans won’t want to miss out on the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, and the city boasts a range of art galleries and museums to provide a cultural aspect to perfectly accompany the beaches and nightlife. Malaga enjoys a beautiful, warm subtropical climate typical of the Mediterranean with mild winters and pleasantly warm summer temperatures.

Spain has a diverse landscape characterised by mountainous regions in the north, pristine beaches along the coastal regions and rugged, plateau regions throughout the mainland. This western European country has some of the most diverse and unique traditions in the world and many come to experience the exciting atmosphere. The climate is mainly a warm Mediterranean climate, although the far southern regions experience tropical conditions and the northern regions become quite cold in higher altitudes. These diverse geological areas provide for ideal conditions for ecotourists and those searching for adventure in their holiday.
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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. London-Malaga
01/02 - 08/03/2017 London-Malaga Aer Lingus
2. Birmingham-Malaga
26/04 - 02/05/2017 Birmingham-Malaga Ryanair
3. Manchester-Malaga
19/12 - 14/01/2017 Manchester-Malaga Multiple Carriers
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4. Edinburgh-Malaga
13/01 - 16/01/2017 Edinburgh-Malaga Ryanair
5. Bristol-Malaga
23/12 - 10/01/2017 Bristol-Malaga Aer Lingus
6. Bournemouth-Malaga
12/12 - 28/12/2016 Bournemouth-Malaga Multiple Carriers
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7. Leicestershire-Malaga
26/11 - 10/12/2016 Leicestershire-Malaga Multiple Carriers
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8. Leeds-Malaga
12/11 - 21/11/2016 Leeds-Malaga Multiple Carriers
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