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Places of interest

  • Majorelle Garden
  • Jemaa el-Fna Market
  • Ben Youssef Madrasa Islamic College
  • Kasbah Agafay
  • Koutoubia Mosque

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  • Marrakech Tourist Information
  • Place Abdelmoumen Ben Ali
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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. London-Marrakech
10/11 - 14/11/2016 London-Marrakech Swiss International Air Lines
2. Manchester-Marrakech
24/12 - 02/01/2017 Manchester-Marrakech Lufthansa
3. Bristol-Marrakech
29/11 - 20/01/2017 Bristol-Marrakech Multiple Carriers
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4. Belfast-Marrakech
14/11 - 01/12/2016 Belfast-Marrakech Multiple Carriers
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5. Birmingham-Marrakech
14/11 - 21/11/2016 Birmingham-Marrakech Multiple Carriers
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6. Edinburgh-Marrakech
13/12 - 25/12/2016 Edinburgh-Marrakech Multiple Carriers
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7. Liverpool-Marrakech
25/11 - 13/01/2017 Liverpool-Marrakech Multiple Carriers
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The climate in Marrakech is semi-arid. It is wet and mild in the winter and hot and dry in the summer. Visitors from Britain and elsewhere in Western Europe will find it warmer and less rainy than home. In the summer, light colours and loose clothing made of light weight fabrics are the most comfortable.


Marrakech’s souks, or markets, converge on the Jemaa El Fna, Africa’s busiest square. The range of goods on offer is spectacular. The traditional souks are especially known for spices, leather goods, textiles and clothing. Many of the souks specialise in a particular category of goods. Visit Kimakhin for musical instruments, Siyyaghin for jewelry, and Hadaddine for other types of metalwork. The Majane hypermarkets, located outside the Medina, are western-style superstores and can supply visitors with familiar consumer goods and alcohol.


The Medina is the oldest part of the city, and it’s full of restaurants serving the local cuisine. All of them will have tagines, couscous and soup available. A tagine is a slow-cooked stew made of meat or legumes, fruits or vegetables, and spices. It’s prepared in a clay pot with a conical cover. Harira is a delicious soup made with lamb or beef, lentils and vegetables. Those who prefer to have wine with their dinner should be aware that many of the restaurants don’t serve alcohol.


The Marrakech night market at the Jemmy El Fan has been a lively and magical place to go after dark for many centuries. Crowded and bustling, it is full of musicians, acrobats and all kinds of acts performing impromptu and busking for change. At dusk, dozens of restaurants, many of them complete with seating, are brought in by donkey and set up. It’s a place unlike any other. Of course, Marrakech also has ordinary nightclubs, and a more organised and more touristy tent-based dinner and variety performance is available at Chez Ali.

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