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Come enjoy the tranquil scenery and liberal lifestyle that the Netherlands has to offer! Also known as Holland, the Netherlands is a small country located in northwest Europe and is a member of the EU. The capital city of Amsterdam is one of the most celebrated cities in the world with a cultural reputation which is well deserved. Amsterdam boasts one of the largest international airports in Europe and provides regular service to all major North American and European destinations. With famous coffee houses, marvelous architecture and friendly locals, the city has found tremendous popularity with visitors worldwide. Other cities of note in the country include The Hague, Rotterdam and the university city of Groningen. Each of these places offer unique architecture, cuisine and something special to offer everyone.

The country has a very dynamic history, participating in major events in French, British and German history. This is well illustrated and commemorated in the country's hundreds of museums and landmarks. Today the country enjoys economic stability and is one of the more progressive governments in the world, paving the way for new policies and standards. Guests will immediately recognise and appreciate the country's proud traditions and stable infrastructures. For history, culture and tradition, there is no finer choice than the Netherlands!

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
19/12 - 06/01/2017 Southend-Amsterdam EasyJet
18/12 - 06/01/2017 London-Amsterdam EasyJet
2. Eindhoven (Netherlands)
10/02 - 19/02/2017 London-Eindhoven Ryanair
01/01 - 04/01/2017 London-Eindhoven Iberia
3. Rotterdam (Netherlands)
11/11 - 13/11/2016 London-Rotterdam Air France
11/11 - 13/11/2016 London-Rotterdam Germanwings
4. Groningen (Netherlands)
01/12 - 15/01/2017 Southend-Groningen Multiple Carriers
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16/12 - 21/12/2016 Aberdeen-Groningen Multiple Carriers
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