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Visit beautiful New Zealand and enjoy some of the finest landscapes in the world! Capital city Auckland is the largest urban center in the region, with a population of over 1 million and hosts an international airport supporting flights to North American and other global destinations. The people of New Zealand are proud of the stunning natural beauty of their country and have gone to great lengths to preserve it, resulting in several fine National Parks for visitors to enjoy. The incredible variety of landscapes ranges from pristine beaches, mountainous regions and tropical areas to rugged coastlines. Film fans will recognize many of the dramatic landscapes as the setting of the famous Lord of the Rings movie series. Fine hotels, outdoor activities, the finest shopping in the Polynesian region and vibrant nightlife are all to be found in this enchanting country, which has been a favorite among vacationers for years. Don't miss out, and visit New Zealand on your next vacation!

Lying southeast of Australia in the beautiful South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand has 2 main islands along with several other outlying areas which can be discovered by plane or boat. Europeans did not discover the area until the 17th century, while indigenous civilizations can be traced back to around 800 AD. The country has a rich tribal history, with Maori traditions still playing an important role in today's society. With climates ranging from tropical to extreme in the mountains, New Zealand has a climate as varied as its landscapes, and is a perfect vacation destination!

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1. Auckland (New Zealand)
06/11 - 18/11/2016 London-Auckland Air China
06/11 - 18/11/2016 London-Auckland Qantas Airways
30/11 - 05/12/2016 London-Auckland British Airways
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