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One of the most cultural, progressive and metropolitan cities in Scandinavia is beautiful Oslo. Oslo is the largest city and capital of Norway and offers a wealth of history and tradition to be discovered. Oslo International Airport offers daily service to extensive European destinations, as well as seasonal service to North America. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to truly discover the city, as it has numerous sites that are interesting and important. The Opera House is an impressive piece of modern architecture that hosts regular performances. The Royal Palace and the Oslo Cathedral are also popular destinations for visitors and both illustrate Norwegian history. In the evenings, be sure to visit one of the numerous restaurants located throughout the city, many of which showcase the typical Norwegian cuisine. With vast history and tranquil beauty, no trip to Scandinavia is complete without a stop in Oslo.

Norway is a Scandanavian country located in northern Europe. Despite its high latitude, it enjoys the benefits of the Gulf Stream and therefore has relatively mild weather, with pleasant summers and tolerable winters. The country has a rich history and deeply rooted traditions which its residents are eager to share with visitors. A trip to the country isn't complete without first sampling the fabulous seafood cuisines and unique drinks offered throughout the country. For those looking for breathtaking scenery, a chance to glimpse the Northern Lights, rich history and unique culture, Norway is the perfect destination!
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Places of interest

  • Royal Palace
  • Oslo Opera House
  • Olso Cathedral
  • Oslo Town Hall
  • Gamle Oslo

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  • Oslo Tourist Information
  • Møllergata 3
  • 0179 Oslo
  • Tel. (+47) 24 14 98 20

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1. London-Oslo
09/11 - 12/11/2016 London-Oslo HOP
2. Manchester-Oslo
20/11 - 23/11/2016 Manchester-Oslo Air France
3. Birmingham-Oslo
30/11 - 12/01/2017 Birmingham-Oslo Multiple Carriers
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4. Edinburgh-Oslo
04/03 - 07/03/2017 Edinburgh-Oslo KLM
5. Kirkwall-Oslo
07/12 - 28/12/2016 Kirkwall-Oslo Multiple Carriers
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6. Aberdeen-Oslo
14/12 - 22/01/2017 Aberdeen-Oslo Multiple Carriers
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7. Belfast-Oslo
18/11 - 06/12/2016 Belfast-Oslo Multiple Carriers
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8. Bradford-Oslo
16/12 - 06/02/2017 Bradford-Oslo Multiple Carriers
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Despite its northern location, Oslo has a relatively mild climate. Winters can still be harsh for visitors unused to Scandinavian climates; at midwinter there are as few as six hours of daylight, and heavy snowfall keeps many indoors. The city's climate is best enjoyed in late spring and summer, when temperatures climb into the low-to-mid twenties. Summer evenings are long and pleasantly cool. Norwegian summers can be surprisingly hot, with heatwaves sometimes exceeding 30 degrees.


Known as Europe's most expensive city, Oslo has a wide range of high-end shops, particularly in the area of furniture and interior design. Many of these shops can be found on Bygdøy allé, while designer clothing shops can be found downtown and in Majorstuen. Grünerløkka is home to small, independent shops, particularly boutiques of younger designers. A weekly art market in Brenneriveien sees young artists and craftspeople selling and displaying their latest creations.


Oslo is a truly international city, with many different cuisines to be found. Asian and Middle Eastern restaurants are common, particularly in the Grønland area. Traditional Norwegian dishes including reindeer and moose can be found in some restaurants, while less exotic dishes include a bewildering range of meat cakes, meatballs and sausages. Norwegian cuisine is famous for its seafood with shrimp being a traditional lunch in the city. Adventurous diners might want to try rakfisk, a dish based on salted and fermented trout.


Norway's capital has a vibrant nightlife, with several distinct regions. The city centre tends to be the haunt of tourists, while clubs in the western part of the city, such as the Majorstuen area, cater to fashionable locals. Clubs in Grünerlokka and Grønland are more relaxed, often with a slightly older crowd. Because drinking in Norway can be expensive, many Norwegians host pre-parties at home before going out clubbing. As a result, clubs in Oslo often become busy quite late in the evening.

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