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Come to Paris and discover the city of love, fashion and culture! This city is the fabulous metropolis located in the heart of France and has become somewhat of a modern legend. Every year millions of visitors from all corners of the world come to experience the allure of Paris. Charles de Guille is one of the largest international airports in the world and offers daily flights to North American locations, as well as extensive connections throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. The capital of France has some of the most recognizable sites in the world, including the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysee and the Louvre. The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world and is home to the Mona Lisa and many other prominent pieces of world art. Of course, no trip to Paris is complete without sampling the exquisite cuisine the city offers. There are cafes, restaurants and bakeries seemingly on every corner and offer ample opportunity to discover the taste of Paris.

For a holiday full of history, culture and beauty, come visit lovely France. France is one of the largest countries in Europe and plays an important financial and political role in the EU. Cities such as Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon are among the most cosmopolitan in the world and offer plenty of shopping, first class accommodations and historical sites. The countries also has a diverse landscape, including the Pyrenees in the south and coastal shores along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. So whether looking for culture and fashion or relaxation and beauty, France is the perfect location!
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Map Paris

Places of interest

  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Notre Dame de Paris
  • Sacré-Coeur
  • Louvre

More info about your Paris city trip

  • Paris Tourist Information
  • 25 Rue des Pyramides
  • 75001 Paris
  • Tel. (+33) 149 52 42 63

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. Aberdeen-Paris
13/07 - 14/07/2016 Aberdeen-Paris Air Berlin
2. Belfast-Paris
09/08 - 17/08/2016 Belfast-Paris EasyJet
3. Bradford-Paris
19/07 - 05/08/2016 Bradford-Paris Multiple Carriers
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4. Carlisle-Paris
24/07 - 01/09/2016 Carlisle-Paris Multiple Carriers
Determine price
5. Cardiff-Paris
20/08 - 29/08/2016 Cardiff-Paris KLM
6. Eday-Paris
15/07 - 23/07/2016 Eday-Paris Multiple Carriers
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7. Foula-Paris
07/08 - 05/09/2016 Foula-Paris Multiple Carriers
Determine price
8. Haverfordwest-Paris
09/07 - 18/08/2016 Haverfordwest-Paris Multiple Carriers
Determine price
9. Inverness-Paris
03/09 - 10/09/2016 Inverness-Paris Air France
10. Londonderry-Paris
15/08 - 13/09/2016 Londonderry-Paris Multiple Carriers
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Paris has a mild, Western European Oceanic climate. Expect summers to be warm and sunny, with temperatures in the 20d C. Winters are cool and rainy, generally ranging from 0 to 10 C. Spring and autumn are unpredictable but often pleasant. A few light layers will accommodate unexpectedly warm or cool temperatures. A heavy coat is seldom necessary, and it is rarely uncomfortably hot.


Paris is, of course, considered the fashion capital of the world. The fashion district of Louvre-Tuileries and Faubourg Saint-Honoré is not to be missed. Boulevard Haussmann has a full complement of French department stores, Saint-Germain-des-Prés is trendy and high-end, and the Marais quarter is a bit more Bohemian. Les Halles and Rue de Rivoli have all the high street shops. The Saint-Ouen flea market is the place to shop for antiques, vintage clothing and quirky and original items.


Paris is known for its sophisticated native cuisine. Lovely, classic French food can be found in humble cafes and in some of the world’s most respected formal restaurants. Paris has always been a cosmopolitan city, and today that’s more true than ever. Its global citizens have added variety to the food scene, and every conceivable type of ethnic food can be found in Paris. Asian food is well represented, and the African and Middle Eastern food is excellent, as well.


Paris has a chic and thriving nightlife and an impressive cultural scene. Bastille and Champs-Elysées are places for the young and fashionable to see and be seen. Canal St-Martin & Faubourg St-Denis attract a more mature crowd. Oberkampf district is packed with a variety of dance clubs, lounges and live music venues. The clubs and bars in Marais are gay-friendly and fun for everyone. Paris’ many small film theatres offer a variety of shows, from the classic to the avant-garde to the latest Hollywood fare.

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