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Come visit the city nation of Singapore, where you'll discover an intriguing mix of diversity and history. Singapore is an independent nation in southeast Asia, with close borders to Malaysia and Indonesia. With an impressive population of around 4 million, it boasts a diverse demography consisting of peoples of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Arabic descent. The city is home to one of the largest international airports in Southeast Asia and offers regular service to major North American destinations and connections to the rest of Asia and India. Due to its strict laws, the country is among the safest places to visit in the world,. It offers a plenty of shopping, cultural attractions and beaches lining the island, which are sure to delight every guest. The island is also reputable for its delicious, unique cuisines drawing influences from Chinese, Indian and Malaysian culinary traditions.

The island's first traces of civilisation date back to around the 2nd century BC and Singapore has always been an important port city. Today it is among the busiest harbors in the world, making the city an important area of international trade. The island has a very humid, warm tropical climate and many visitors remark the unique weather conditions. For shopping, culture and diversity, don't hesitate to book a flight to Singapore for your next holiday destination.

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1. Singapore (Singapore)
18/02 - 27/02/2017 London-Singapore Jet Airways
20/02 - 13/03/2017 London-Singapore Emirates

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