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SkyWest Airlines is a regional carrier based in Utah offering flights to around 40 US states and to Canada. With a fleet size of almost 300, the airline operates flights for several other carriers under their own names. In 1972, a local St. George, Utah businessmen named Ralph Atkin purchased Dixie Airlines to create a regular air link between St. George and Salt Lake City. Following a few years of financial problems, the airline acquired Sun Aire Lines in 1984 and began expanding the route network across the western US. In 2005, SkyWest Airlines acquired Atlantic Southest Airlines (ASA) from Delta, making it the largest regional carrier within the USA. As SkyWest Airlines, the central hub is based in Milwaukee, however the airline also operates flights for Delta Connection and United Express, meaning the airline belongs to both the Star Alliance and SkyTeam and depending on the flight, customers can make use of the United or Delta bonus programs. Although ASA and SkyWest operate as separate airlines, they are both owned by SkyWest, Inc.

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SkyWest Airlines Flight Information

  • Founded: 1972
  • Location: St. George, Utah
  • Owner(s): Skywest, Inc.
  • Number of Destinations: 160
  • Destinations: Mainly destinations within the USA, 5 provinces in Canada and one city in Mexico
  • Alliance: SkyTeam / Star Alliance
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Mileage Plus, SkyMiles, A+ Rewards
  • Airline Website:
  • Type of Aircraft: Embraer EMB 120ER Brasilia / Bombardier CRJ200 / CRJ700 / CRJ900
  • Fleet Size: 286
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with SkyWest Airlines: Boeing

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
49 pts.

Environmental impact of SkyWest Airlines

Skywest Airlines seeks to aid the environment from harmful CO2 emissions. These emissions come from airlines and vehicles, and they leave behind a carbon footprint that in unhealthy for the atmosphere. SkyWest Airlines has chosen to abide by a set of laws that will positively impact the environment. These laws hold airlines responsible for environmental reporting, storage and disposal of waste materials and chemicals, and reduction of aircraft noise. The airline intends to work with the German NGO Atmosfair gGmbH to further offset the carbon footprint. Together, they will replace fossil fuel pollution with a new optimized way of flying.

SkyWest Airlines and Atmosfair gGmbH

Atmosfair's goal is to protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses. They are working alongside Skywest Airlines to impact the environment with sustainable development research. By using energy resources management, Atmosfair gGmbh will allow customers to view their own CO2 waste produced on each airline trip. By viewing this information, flyers can travel with avoidance, and direct themselves away from fuel-costly airlines. SkyWest Airlines will also allow flyers to compensate the company based upon their mileage to provide funds for sustainable development. Airlines still require fossil fuels for movement, but the airline is also funding the development of new bio-fuels that diminish the carbon footprint.

SkyWest Airlines Recieves Class E

Atmosfair gGmbh gives airlines efficiency points to depict their fuel efficiency. SkyWest Airlines was given 49 efficiency points, which tells flyers and companies the distance of each flight. The efficiency point scale ranges from 1 to 100. The airline was awarded an airline rank of 96 by Atmosfair gGmbh among other ranking airlines, which further depicts the airline's fuel efficiency. The airline was awarded an efficiency class of E on a scale from A to F, listing it among other ranking airlines. The airline efficiency index is useful for both passengers and decision makers to determine an airline's optimization.

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