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Stockholm is the impressive Swedish capital city, comprising of 14 islands and connected by over 50 bridges. The city is the largest in Sweden and is the political, financial and cultural centre of the country. Stockholm- Arlanda Airport extensive service to European destinations, as well as North American locations. Perhaps the most charming part of Stockholm is its vast amount of shoreline and waterfront access, although the central part of the city has plenty to offer as well. The Royal Palace is the home of the Swedish monarchy and is a popular tourist attraction. The City Hall is another impressive piece of architecture and is the location of the Nobel Prize banquet hall annually. Finally many visitors are simply content exploring the scenery that is easily accessible from the city. In the evenings, be sure to sample the local cuisine and drink that is offered at numerous restaurants and pubs throughout the city.

Sweden is known as a peaceful, liberal country as well as for its political and social progressiveness. It is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe and its climate is quite moderate due to the Gulf Stream. With a vast number of fjords and harbors, the country is the perfect destination for water sport enthusiasts and its inland landscape is the perfect escape for any outdoor adventurer. The country's rich Viking past and deeply rooted traditions are well illustrated in the numerous museums, historical sites and cultural centres. For history, beauty and hospitality you need look no further and visit lovely Sweden on your next European holiday!
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Places of interest

  • Open-air Museum
  • Djurgården
  • Stockholm City Hall
  • Gamla stan Old Town
  • Stockholm Palace

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  • Stockholm Tourist Information
  • Drottninggatan 33
  • 10325 Stockholm
  • Tel. (+46) 8 50 82 80 00

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1. London-Stockholm
14/02 - 21/02/2017 London-Stockholm Austrian Airlines
2. Manchester-Stockholm
09/01 - 13/01/2017 Manchester-Stockholm Norwegian Air
3. Edinburgh-Stockholm
27/01 - 31/01/2017 Edinburgh-Stockholm Lowcost-Airline
4. Aberdeen-Stockholm
28/11 - 18/12/2016 Aberdeen-Stockholm Multiple Carriers
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5. Birmingham-Stockholm
11/01 - 14/01/2017 Birmingham-Stockholm KLM
6. Belfast-Stockholm
16/11 - 20/12/2016 Belfast-Stockholm Multiple Carriers
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7. Bradford-Stockholm
11/12 - 24/01/2017 Bradford-Stockholm Multiple Carriers
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8. Carlisle-Stockholm
14/12 - 30/01/2017 Carlisle-Stockholm Multiple Carriers
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Sweden’s weather is positively affected by the Gulf Stream which gives it a more temperate climate. Stockholm itself is humid and continental weather wise. Because of its high northerly latitude its daylight hours vary widely with almost 18 in mid-summer and only 6 in mid-winter. Summer temperature highs are around 72dF and winter lows can reach below -5dF. Spring and autumn months are generally mild to cool. Snowfalls occur December to March with light to moderate rains falling throughout the year.


Swedish craftsmanship is legendary and Stockholm has a large number of establishments that sell fine examples of famous Swiss glass and wood works. As souvenirs, these items are great and lasting reminders of a wonderful culture. A favourite shopping venue is the Gamla Stan on the site of the Royal palace. Shopping is not cheap, but quality is guaranteed and other favourite areas like Kungsgatan and Drottninggatan do great business. Shops are generally open from 10am to 6pm and Saturdays, 1 to 4pm.


Swedes love seafood and have discovered hundreds of ways to prepare it. Pickled herring, a firm favourite, is available in an awesome variety of flavours. Stockholm restaurants almost overwhelm customers with choices of seafood, smoked meats and those famous Swiss cheeses that find their way into so many dishes. Swiss bread has to be among the very best in the world and, again, the Swiss are not afraid of spicing them up in an impressive number of ways.


Stockholm has an enviable number of clubs offering something for everyone, and a good selection of these are concentrated around Stureplan in the city centre. Most clubs have really good restaurants as well and in general, remain open until around 3am to 5am on weekends. VIP guests are common at the top venues where queues usually start forming around midnight, making it advisable to get there early. The Kungsgatan boulevards are also filled with clubs that know how to host a good time.

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