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SunExpress is a joint German and Turkish airline which offers holiday flights between Turkey and major European cities. Carrying over 3 million passengers a year, the airline is steadily expanding in size and popularity. Today, the company is one of the largest charter and scheduled flight carriers in Europe. Started in 1989 as a subsidiary of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, the airline was designed to service the booming tourism sector in Turkey. The first flight began operating between Frankfurt and Antalya in 1990. The partnership with Lufthansa extends the destination network as passengers can transfer in Frankfurt or Munich to cities such as London, Prague or Paris. Serving over 80 destinations, the airline experienced dramatic growth in 2008 with passenger numbers almost 40% higher than the previous year. As well as international flights, SunExpress offers domestic services within Turkey. From the primary hub in Antalya, SunExpress supports the Turkish tourism industry by connecting the country with the rest of Europe. Cities including Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna are linked with regular flight service. Due to the partnership with Lufthansa, a large number of airports in Germany are supported which can easily be reached from North America.

SunExpress Flights

Top offers for flights with SunExpress

DateType of TripAirlinePrice pp from
1. SunExpress Flights
10/11 - 19/11/2016 Antalya-Munich SunExpress SunExpress £147.45
31/10 - 09/11/2016 Antalya-Munich SunExpress SunExpress £147.45
2. SunExpress Flights
24/11 - 19/01/2017 Birmingham-Izmir SunExpress SunExpress Determine price
10/12 - 25/01/2017 Birmingham-Izmir SunExpress SunExpress Determine price
3. SunExpress Flights
11/02 - 28/02/2017 Hamburg-Izmir SunExpress SunExpress £127.67
22/02 - 26/02/2017 Hamburg-Izmir SunExpress SunExpress £137.56
4. SunExpress Flights
19/11 - 10/01/2017 Manchester-Izmir SunExpress SunExpress Determine price
30/11 - 26/12/2016 Manchester-Izmir SunExpress SunExpress Determine price

SunExpress Flight Information

  • Founded: 1989
  • Location: Antalya, Turkey
  • Owner(s): Turkish Airlines und Lufthansa
  • Number of Destinations: 82
  • Destinations: Most of the destinations are European metropolis.
  • Maintenance: in Germany: Lufthansa, abroad: Turkish Airlines
  • Alliance: none
  • Frequent Flyer Program: none
  • Airline Website:
  • Features: Prices are generally exclusives taxes, fees and charges.
  • Type of Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 / 757-200
  • Average Aircraft Age: 6.9 years
  • Fleet Size: 18
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with SunExpress: Boeing

Baggage regulations for flights with SunExpress

Special luggage items

Sporting equipment must typically be registered three days in advance. An item of sporting equipment, such as diving equipment, a surfboard, golf equipment or a bicycle weighing up to 30kg per passenger will be transported at a flat fee of EUR 25 per route. Small sporting equipment, such as inline skates, ski or tennis equipment may be counted toward the free baggage allowance and does not need to be registered ahead of time.

Checked luggage

In addition to checked baggage, pushchairs/buggies, travel cots and car seats are also transported in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, free of charge. Depending on the destination, checked baggage may weigh up to between 20 and 30kg.

Hand luggage

Important documents, valuables and medication, in total weighing no more than 6kg, should be transported in carry-on baggage. Sharp and pointed objects must be stored in checked luggage.
Sunexpress is one of the largest scheduled airlines for flights to destinations southern Turkey and it is the market leader in charter flights between Germany and Turkey. The airline was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. The baggage rules comply with guidelines for flights within Europe.
Attention: is not responsible for the information provided. Please consult the airline website for up to date luggage information.

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
77,8 pts.

Environmental impact of SunExpress

SunExpress intends to protect the released from harmful CO2 emissions. These air pollutants are ejected from vehicles daily and do damage to the earth's atmosphere. SunExpress has chosen to work with atmosfair gGmbH to reduce the carbon footprint and promote a healthier atmosphere. The airlines has put funding into environmentally friendly buildings. These buildings will utilize glass walls, natural lighting, and streamlined and waste efficient air conditioning system. Through these methods, the airline will positively impact the environment through less CO2 expenditures. Through energy resources management, vehicles will emit less pollution and reduce the carbon trail given off by most cars and airlines.

Atmosfair gGmbH Plans to Help SunExpress

Atmosfair's main goal is to protect the environment through the compensation of greenhouse gasses. Alongside SunExpress, they plan on replacing these gasses with sustainable energy and sustainable development research. Atmosfair gGmbH will allow customers to view their own CO2 waste product on each flight they take. With this information, flyers can travel with avoidance, and choose flights that are fuel efficient. SunExpress will also allow flyers to give monetary compensation for their millage. This fund will go towards research for sustainable development. It will also go towards bio-fuel research. Bio-fuels will be able to replace fossil fuels, and cause less pollution.

Atmosfair gGmbH Gives SunExpress Efficiency Rank 7

Atmosfair gGmbH assigns airlines efficiency points to determine their fuel efficiency. SunExpress has been given 77.8 points, on a 1 to 100 scale, to show its travel length. The airline was also given an airline rank of 7 among other ranking airlines. The airline rank allows decision makers and flyers alike to choose the most fuel efficient flights. The airline was awarded with efficiency class C on an A to F scale, which further depict its fuel efficiency among the classes of other ranking airlines.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

SunExpress testimonials
Travel dates
Holiday in Turkey – Return flight
"Everything was fine, no further suggestions"
09/2009 05/2013 Zest... 
"I think it's great that there is a daily special on..."
07/2009 05/2013 nicefor... 
Holiday in Turkey
"Everything is OK. No suggestions"
08/2009 05/2013 Zest... 
Amazing Airline! They really make the effort
"Everything went well, very friendly and nice!!"
08/2009 05/2013 Ron
I was satisfied
"We landed just 5 mins later than expected, GREAT"
08/2009 05/2013 RKAHKP
Friendly staff
11/2008 05/2013 Eskimo95 
The flight attendants were especially friendly
"We have always booked with Turkish Airlines, and..."
07/2008 05/2013 Neil 
Lots of confusion picking up tickets
03/2008 05/2013 Luna Mouse 
I didn't like the delays
"There was a delay over one hour, however the price..."
01/2008 05/2013 Guest 3371 
The check-in went smoothly
"The punctuality was remarkable, and the service on..."
06/2008 05/2013 Zelda 
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