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Today TUIfly ranks among the leading German holiday airlines. The airline emerged from Hapagfly and HLX in 2007. Destinations include the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean area, Cairo, Manchester and Milan. TUIfly is going to be expanded to an airline for business and holiday travellers. TUIfly is not part of an alliance, however passengers benefit from flight connections from partner airlines, for example Corsairfly and Canarias. The economy class is the only service class offered. The airline's bonus program is called 'bluemiles'. Each flight with TUIfly grants a certain amount of air miles depending on the flight distance. Air miles can also be collected from partners like certain car-rental companies and hotels. Customers can also buy air miles if they do not have enough to redeem them.

TUIfly Flights

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1. TUIfly Flights
19/11 - 02/01/2017 Salzburg-Hanover TUIfly TUIfly Determine price
20/11 - 27/12/2016 Salzburg-Hanover TUIfly TUIfly Determine price

TUIfly Flight Information

  • Founded: 2007
  • Location: Langenhagen, Germany
  • Owner(s): TUI AG
  • Number of Destinations: 75
  • Destinations: 75 destinations in 17 countries, mainly in Europa
  • Maintenance: Hapag Lloyd
  • Alliance: none
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Bluemiles
  • Airline Website:
  • Features: Low cost flights within Germany
  • Type of Aircraft: Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-700
  • Average Aircraft Age: 6.7 years
  • Fleet Size: 48
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with TUIfly: Boeing

TUIfly Bluemiles Frequent Flyer Program

FriendChips has replaced TUIfly BlueMiles

TUIfly BlueMiles used to be the name of the TUIfly bonus program that has now become the FriendChips frequent flyer program. Not much has changed. There are still various other classes that members may upgrade to. The higher your class

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Earn TUIfly BlueMiles and FriendChips with partners too

The FriendChips program is based on a network consisting of various airlines. This means it is possible to collect miles not just on TUI flights but also on flights with other airlines. In addition, there are various partners in the retail and gastronomy sectors who issue and also redeem miles. The miles can therefore be used not just for flights but also for electrical devices or other articles from participating partners.

Baggage regulations for flights with TUIfly

Special luggage items

Special baggage such as sports equipment can be checked in as hold luggage on TUIfly flights, so long as the combined weight of the equipment and luggage does not exceed the passenger's individual allowance, in the event of which excess charges will apply. The airline will carry bikes, golf clubs, skis, snowboards and windsurfing equipment. Musical instruments, in hard-shell cases, may be taken as carry-on baggage depending on their size, or checked into the hold.

Checked luggage

There is a maximum free hold baggage allowance of 20kg per passenger, including children, on all TUIfly flights. Passengers with a TUI Card Gold may check in up to 30kg of baggage free of charge on flights operated by TUIfly, although charges may apply if a booking is made with a different tour operator. A surcharge of 10 Euro will be levied on additional items of checked baggage, and on baggage that exceeds the 20kg weight allowance on all flights. No electrical items or flammable material such as lighter fluid may be carried in hold baggage.

Hand luggage

All passengers travelling on TUIfly flights may carry on board one item of free hand luggage that weighs no more than 6kg, and with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. All items must be able to fit in the overhead locker or beneath the seat in front. In addition to the one item of free baggage, passengers may also carry on board a laptop. No sharp objects or blunt instruments can be included in carry-on luggage, and must be put into the hold. All liquids, not exceeding 100ml, must be carried in a clear, resealable plastic bag.
TUIfly is a German airline, formed in 2007 as a branch of TUI Travel. Offering both charter and scheduled low-cost flights, the airline has a fleet of 38 aircraft and is Germany?s third largest airline. Its flights go to the likes of Canaries, Egypt, Madeira, Spain, Portugal and Greece.
Attention: is not responsible for the information provided. Please consult the airline website for up to date luggage information.

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
81 pts.

Environmental impact of TUIfly

TUIfly has been rated the most efficient airline for both short and long flights in 2012. TUIfly commits itself to reducing the carbon footprint by developing environmental research. The airline invests in more modern and fuel-efficient airlines to promote waste-saving aeronautical procedures. TUIfly has partnered with Atmosfair to reduce environmental fuel pollution. Atmosfair is a nonprofit organization that hopes to aid in climate protection by supporting airlines and putting greenhouse gasses into the air via the use of renewable energies. By doing this, they will have an impact on the environment in a safe, strong way.

Atmosfair Supports TUIfly With Procedures

Atmosfair hopes to utilize bio-fuel and away from fossil fuels that have negative impacts on the environment. While there is no solution for fossil fuels, Atmosfair hopes to aid TUIfly with it's program to raise money for sustainable development research. The program allows customers to view their own travel millage, and determine their personal carbon dioxide waste with that knowledge. Flyers are prompted to take the shortest routes, and on the most fuel efficient airlines. By compensating Atmosfair gGmbH with funds, customers will be able to impact the environment on the personal level. The funds will support the development energy resources management.

Atmosfair Ranks TIUfly Efficiency Class B

Atmosfair gGmbH gives each company a distinct airline rank. The airline rank is viewable in Atmosfair's efficiency point index, and TUIfly has been given Efficiency Class B from an A to F scale. The airline has been given 81 points on a 1 to 100 point scale, which determines length of flight. TUIfly has been awarded rank 4 among other ranking airlines. This information is valuable to any who are looking to make the most environmentally friendly flight. It is also useful for information gatherers and officials.

Airline Reviews

Airline Reviews

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Cheap is taken too literally at Tui
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04/2009 05/2013 Abdulla...
Very calm flight
08/2009 05/2013 Tasty12
Top Airline!!!
"Until now my flights have always been punctual. The..."
04/2009 05/2013 Guest 2423
I am very satisfied overall
"A very safe flight"
07/2009 05/2013 Guest 1050
It was ok
"I would say that this airline is already cheap, and..."
07/2009 05/2013 Guest 1973
Very punctual, disturbance free check in
"I really liked how punctual we were. The price/..."
05/2008 05/2013 Guest 3822 
No real complaints
"A somewhat lower price than 300€ for a flight to..."
05/2008 05/2013 Renald 
Advertisements during the flight
"No real abnormalties! The product was in line with..."
11/2008 05/2013 Guest 2181 
Chaos at the Check-in
08/2008 05/2013 Guest 949 
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