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Taca Airlines is the operating name of 5 Central American airlines with combined operations. The flight network includes more than 40 destinations in over 20 countries. TACA was launched in 1931 in Honduras with the goal of forming TACA airlines in surrounding countries. Today, only TACA International from Ecuador still exists while the other members are Aviateca (Guatemala), Lacsa (Costa Rica), Islena Airlines (Honduras) and NICA (Nicaragua). TACA Peru is affiliated with the group and uses their codes for flights. Comalapa International Airport in San Salvador serves as the central hub and connects a range of destinations in the Americas. Miami is a major focus city while Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto are among the other North American destinations, while Central and South American cities including Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo form the major focus of the flight network. TACA has submitted an application to become part of the Star Alliance, offering a wide range of partners and an expanded network of linked destinations to customers.

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Taca Airlines Flight Information

  • Founded: 1931
  • Location: San Salvador
  • Owner(s): Alvianca-TACA Ltd.
  • Number of Destinations: 42 destinations in 22 countries
  • Destinations: Total of 50 destinations around the world
  • Alliance: All airlines in Synergy Group
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Distancia
  • Airline Website: www.taca.com/
  • Type of Aircraft: Airbus A319-100 / Airbus A320-200 / Airbus A321-200 / Embraer 190
  • Average Aircraft Age: 3.8 years
  • Fleet Size: 47 (16 orders)
  • Aircraft manufacturers who cooperate with Taca Airlines: de Havilland Canada, Saab, Avro8, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Canadair, Embraer, Airbus

Environmental commitment

CO2 efficiency categories
65,1 pts.

Environmental impact of TACA Airlines

TACA International Airlines strive to reduce generated environmental footprints. They plan to do this using their best practices used throughout the fleet in the rout network. TACA International Airlines plans to help conserve the environment through utilization of recycling, re-usability, and reduction techniques. These techniques will rely upon the resources of the company. A committee for efficient fuel was established in March 2006, and with it came efficient routes, taxing, optimization of fuel purchases as well as CO2. The impact on the environment by reducing carbon footprints is a developing strategy by airlines. With new resource management, sustainable development is much more possible.

TACA International Airlines Switches to Modern Craft

Among other ranking airlines, TACA International Airlines plans to utilize CO2 neutralization in Panama and Costa Rica. There have been many contributions to local organizations, such as the National Fund of Forestal Financing and the National Association for the Conservation of Nature. These programs are supported with the optimization of fuel purchase. Through energy resource management, sustainable development is much more possible. The airline hopes to reduce carbon footprints. The impact on the environment through developing research on CO2 has been large, and through the understanding of these efficiency points, the system can be streamlined to be understood by the common person.

TACA International Airlines Efficiency Points

TACA International Airlines has been ranked among The German NGO. Atmosfair gGmbH has created energy efficiency classes from A to F, as well as efficiency points, and the rank of each airline. The impact on the environment by reducing carbon footprints allows the airline to reach sustainable development. The environment will be much easier to help with these energy efficiency classes, and energy resource management really does make all the difference when it comes to understanding the situation.

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