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Among the largest of the 7 emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi, the capital and one of the most well known. Abu Dhabi hosts an international airport with regular flight service to several European destinations and a handful of North American centers. Dubai is among the most prosperous cities in the world and is enjoying a boom in tourist numbers, helped by its deserved reputation as a top tourist destination. Dubai is one of the most modern and progressive areas in the Middle East region, now hosting business and vacationing visitors from all over the world. This desert oasis features world class resorts, exclusive shopping and an affluent culture which provides the most luxurious hotels in the world. Look no further than the United Arab Emirates!

Civilizations around the United Arab Emirates have been traced back to approximately 5500 BCE, leaving behind a rich history and fascinating traditions. The local people are happy to share their intriguing culture with guests, and are renowned for their hospitality. For relaxation, the region along the Persian Gulf boasts tranquil water and pristine beaches in picturesque locations which delight guests from all over the world. Whether visiting for business or a sun soaked vacation, the United Arab Emirates is sure to welcome you with open arms and is the perfect location!

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DateType of TripAirline Rating Price pp from
1. Dubai (United Arab Emirates (UAE))
17/03 - 19/03/2017 London-Dubai Air France
04/01 - 19/01/2017 London-Dubai Lowcost-Airline
25/03 - 01/04/2017 London-Dubai Turkish Airlines
2. Oranjestad (United Arab Emirates (UAE))
13/11 - 21/11/2016 Glasgow-Abu Dhabi KLM
05/11 - 11/11/2016 Manchester-Abu Dhabi Qatar Airways
25/11 - 28/11/2016 London-Abu Dhabi Turkish Airlines
3. Al Ain (United Arab Emirates (UAE))
12/11 - 25/11/2016 Aberdeen-Al Ain Multiple Carriers
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13/12 - 31/01/2017 Belfast-Al Ain Multiple Carriers
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09/11 - 23/11/2016 Bradford-Al Ain Multiple Carriers
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