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Home to a great number of writers, artists and scientists has long been lovely Vienna. Vienna is the largest city and capital of Austria. Vienna International Airport serves extensive European destinations, as well as locations in North America, the Middle East and Asia. The first place many visitors stop is the Old City (Altstadt), which is home to the City Hall, the Austrian Parliament, the Hofburg Palace, various museums and the State Opera House. One could easily spend a week simply discovering the charm of this area, but there is plenty more to visit in Vienna as well. The Schoenbrunn castle is located near the city and offers daily tours of its beautiful corridors and tapestries. St. Charles Cathedral is another popular destination for visitors and holds the distinction of being the largest Baroque cathedral north of the Alps. In the evening, be sure to enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee at one of the many cafes located throughout the city or sample to unique cuisine that the city has to offer.

Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg are all internationally known cities and each has plenty of culture and history to offer its guests. Many famous scientists, philosophers and literary figures have been inspired by Austria's unique culture, some of which include: Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Mozart. Each of these cities have a plethora of famous castles, cathedrals and museums to keep you entertained for days. In the evening, Austria boosts world class hotels, fine restaurants and a vibrant nightlife for its active youthful population. Regardless of where your interests lie, Austria certainly has something to offer everyone who chooses to spoil themselves with a visit.
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Places of interest

  • Wiener Prater
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral
  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Hofburg Palace
  • Albertina

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  • Vienna Tourist Information
  • Albertinaplatz
  • 1043 Vienna
  • Tel. (+43) 1802 10 1818

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1. London-Vienna
05/12 - 10/12/2016 London-Vienna Austrian Airlines
2. Manchester-Vienna
15/11 - 21/11/2016 Manchester-Vienna Aegean Airlines
3. Birmingham-Vienna
02/12 - 04/12/2016 Birmingham-Vienna Lufthansa Cityline
4. Bristol-Vienna
27/12 - 05/01/2017 Bristol-Vienna Lufthansa Cityline
5. Edinburgh-Vienna
20/12 - 15/01/2017 Edinburgh-Vienna Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
6. Newcastle-Vienna
15/12 - 07/01/2017 Newcastle-Vienna Air Austral
7. Leeds-Vienna
12/12 - 24/01/2017 Leeds-Vienna Multiple Carriers
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Vienna is located in the Vienna Basin in the north-east of Austria, near the easternmost extension of the Alps - on the Koppen classification scale, the city's climate ranges between 'oceanic' and 'humid continental'. Summer is warm, averaging between 22 and 26C, and rainfall averages out at about 24 inches per year. Winter is cold, averaging around the freezing point - dress for snow if you visit between December and March!


Mariahilfer Strasse, or Mahu as it is known to the locals, is Austria's longest shopping mile. Almost all major department stores have a branch on Mahu, and in between the large chain shops are individual stores selling everything from locally-made clothing to leather goods. Also recommended is a visit to Vienna's Old City quarter. This area is full of street vendors and flea markets, and is a great area for picking up a one-off bargain or unusual souvenir!


Vienna's best known food product is probably the Wiener Schnitzel. This is a veal cutlet that is pounded, breadcrumbed and fried in butter. You could also try Tafelspitz - a lean cut of boiled beef traditionally served with fried potatoes and horseradish sauce. Don't forget to try a dessert too! Traditional Austrian pastries such as Apfelstrudel (a pastry filled with apples) and Palatschinken (sweet pancakes) are widely available, and the famous Sachertorte chocolate cake is still served at the Sacher Hotel.


Culture and art play a large part in Vienna's nightlife. There are several theatres within the city, and it is home to the Vienna National Ballet. Some concerts are geared towards tourists and feature music from Schubert, Strauss and other Viennese composers. The city also hosts over 200 19th-century balls per year including the well-known Opera Ball, the Life Ball, and the Jagerball. Each ball is generally an all-night cultural attraction and includes performances from dancers and opera singers.

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