Airline Partnerships and Alliances

Passengers can benefit from: the alliances and programs of the airlines

Airline programmes are designed to reward frequent flyers. Frequent flyer programmes offer these passengers preferential treatment from check-in to landing and extending to car rental, accommodation and a host of other benefits. Alliances are usually formed between a number of airlines so that frequent flyers are not restricted to the flight availability of one airline alone. Frequent flyer programmes then come under the umbrella of the alliance to ensure that these passengers do not lose benefits that are usually awarded as bonus miles. Airline programmes allow for bonus miles to be utilised as tender in acquiring further flights or in purchasing products and services offered by non-airline partners. Services can include extra baggage allowances, preferential check-in and use of VIP airport lounges. A range of products, from mobile phones to spa treatments, may be paid for with bonus miles. Reward miles may also be gifted to family and friends. Frequent flyer programmes are designed to elicit customer loyalty to an airline or an alliance of airlines by the offer of attractive packages deals that can eliminate most of the stress associated with flying. Being a preferred customer makes flying a far more rewarding experience. provides customers with an overview of all our offered airlines. Just browse through the list and easily find flights your preferred airline as well as the frequent flyer and rewards programmes.

Airline Alliances

Most people usually travel at least once a year with family and friends for a holiday. Or, a couple may decide to steal a few days from real life to spend time alone together. Others travel for work. For those looking for inspirational travel ideas, there are plenty of them at Airline Alliance. It is a partnership formed by a number of airlines which have come together to offer their customers more choices and benefits. One of the major benefits for customers is the combined customer loyalty reward programme, which consists of shared codes. Customers can for instance choose to use their loyalty points from one of the airlines to fly on another one that travels to the destination they are headed to or the one on which a ticket is available.

The different companies that are part of the alliance fly to hundreds of destinations in many countries around the world. Members can get unlimited trip suggestions and ideas. The companies include some top names in the industry. With the reward programme for members, one can accumulate air miles which they can redeem for free flights or discounted flight tickets. All the airlines have thousands of departures every day and members can access almost 500 members-only lounges around the world so they can wait for their flights to depart in comfort. Travel can be costly and tiring too, but for those signed up as members of the alliance, it costs less and offers supreme comfort and countless choices when it comes to travel destinations.


The One World Alliance covers more than 800 destinations around the globe and is made up of some of the world's top airlines and their associated carriers. It is no surprise that they regularly top several categories in the best airline alliance awards.

The One World Alliance offers its customers the easiest and most convenient way of managing bookings to destinations around the world, as well as a frequent flyer programme full of benefits, rewards and customer services equal to none. All of the participating airlines and associated carriers in the One World Alliance share a commitment to providing a top quality on and off-board experience and a focus on providing their customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction. From exclusive waiting lounges to top hospitality on board, travelling with airlines in the One World Alliance is guaranteed to be a comfortable, hassle-free experience. The benefits of flying with members of the One World Alliance extend to your pre-flight experience, with an easy and convenient online booking system which covers hundreds of destinations worldwide, and makes connecting flights as simple as it can be. Preferred by business travellers with busy schedules and round-the-world holiday makers alike, the One World Alliance guarantees satisfaction, efficiency and a truly worry-free travel experience. With member airlines flying to and from the main airports in the world, the fastest and most convenient connections are always at hand, making it virtually impossible to find an airline group in the market which offers a better or faster service.


Star Alliance is a worldwide airline network. Founded in 1997, it was the first organisation to offer an array of inter-connected travel services, providing the passenger a comfortable and convenient world travel experience through the sharing of flights and travel facilities.

Star Alliance offers the intrepid traveller the quickest and easiest way to traverse the globe with its many connections. Its 27 member airlines serve 193 countries and carry 679 million passengers per year. Star Alliance members must all be able to offer the highest quality service, security and technical specifications in order to join the organisation. Benefits of using Star Alliance Airlines include access to the largest lounge network, quick transfers, frequent-flyer programmes, flight upgrades and online planning and booking tools. The range of services also include tailor-made travel arrangements for large and medium sized organisations, enabling delegates and business people to attend worldwide conferences and meetings. Fares and packages offer great flexibility, giving passengers a comprehensive way of getting from A to B and beyond. Route maps are available along with destination guides which provide information on accommodation, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Star Alliance mobile apps allow passengers to check live information such as flight status, timetables and baggage tracing. Visa and health information is also available for all destinations. In October 2012, Star Alliance was voted Best Airline Alliance for the 7th time at the Business Traveller Awards. Acknowledged as being the premier achievement of business travel, the awards are a reflection of the quality of services offered by the world's largest travel network.


Skyteam Airlines were founded in 2000 by an amalgamation of a number of different airlines. These include Delta airlines, Air France, Aeromexico and Korean Air. Today, there are as many as eighteen different member airlines in this ever expanding group.

This young and ambitious airline alliance seeks to carry passengers all over the world and is quickly delivering on this aim. With airlines from every continent, these airlines fly throughout the world. Each year, the destinations and passenger numbers for Skyteam Airlines double the passenger numbers for the previous year. There are a number of reasons for the busy air passenger to choose Skyteam Airlnes. Thanks to single check-in procedures, the often tiring transition from flight to flight is no more. With the provision of the Inter Airline Through Check-in, counter agents for one of the many Skyteam member airlines can quickly issue boarding passes and assign seats. With Guaranteed Reservations, Elite Plus passengers can reserve an economy class seat on any Skyteam member's long-haul flight, even when the flight is fully booked up. To do so, passengers are advised to contact the help desk at least twenty four hours before the specific flight's departure. Additionally, the company's Pet Policy ensures that passengers can safely travel along with their pets, provided this is in accordance with the airline's individual policies. By amalgamating many different airlines throughout the world into one group, this alliance ensures that all cultures and people throughout the world are represented in its workforce. This makes flying with Skyteam Airlines a fulfilling and multicultural experience.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Getting from point A to point B nowadays is usually a routine operation, even for travelling great distances, people just hop on a plane with the same ease as hopping on a bus. This dependence on air travel has given rise to myriads of frequent flyer programs. Passengers are rewarded for sticking with their favourite airline and the more they fly the more they are rewarded. Frequent flyer programs have been around for a long time, since the deregulation of the sector in 1970 in America, although the idea took another fifteen years to get to Europe. Now numerous airlines in just about every country in Europe operate versions of frequent flyer programs, from the British Airways Executive Club to Turkish Airway's Miles and Smiles to Air Malta's Flypass, to name but a few.

Frequent flyer programs give points or airmiles or kilometres each time a passenger flies with the airline running the program. Many airlines operate in partnership with one another. These points or airmiles are then redeemed, usually in exchange for a free flight. In Europe it is mostly business travellers that can take advantage of these programs. There is also an encouragement to accumulate as many points as possible, which enables the passenger to upgrade to 'elite' or 'platinum' status and enjoy additional benefits. Most airlines make it worthwhile to constantly fly with them; the frequent flyer program is more than just a loyalty card, and most airlines go out of their way to make the frequent flyer feel special.

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