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City Breaks: A Tour of Discovery in the Urban Jungle

City breaks have a very special draw for many tourists: In the metropoleis of this world, the diverse influences present in a country come together in an exciting blend. As a tourist, you can go on a discovery tour within a city, and discover the unique characteristics of a whole country within a few days.

Without a doubt, Paris, London, and Rome are among the most popular city breaks. Cultural wonders like the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben are sights that everyone should see at least once. But in addition to these classics, there are countless other cities that are well worth a visit, such as lively Istanbul, or Dubai with its many skyscrapers.

The City Breaks Calendar

You want to take a trip to the city, but can't decide which one? Every month, our City Break Calendar will show you an exciting city that's just waiting to be discovered.

Whether you long to see the sights, stroll through broad and narrow city streets, or simply enjoy a meal in a nice restaurant: Dive into the atmosphere of your destination and experience the pleasure of discovery. Enjoy your trip!

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