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Flight Guests with Disabilities/ Limitations for Elderly Passengers

Airlines are well equipped to attend to the needs of passengers with disabilities and the limitations of eldery passengers. If airlines are given prior notice of assistive requirements, then passengers with disabilities, or the limitations of eldery passengers, will receive every attention from check-in to de-boarding.


Ill Flight Guests

Feeling unwell on a flight can be extremely frightening, but airlines are experienced at dealing with ill passengers, and are well-prepared. Staff will have been trained to administer first aid, and about procedures for handling more serious problems, so travellers should be reassured that ill passenges are in safe hands.


Flying for pregnant women

International travel often means long-haul flights, which can be particularly difficult for pregnant passengers. It helps to wear comfortable clothing, walk the aisles every hour, and keep hydrated. Pregnant passengers are usually able to fly until 36 weeks, but it is important to check with the doctor or midwife first.


Flying for VIPs

VIPs will be given priority check-in and boarding rights as well as use of all facilities at exclusive airport lounges. VIPs may include public figures, entertainment celebrities or high-level members of frequent flyer programmes. Provision will also be made to accommodate their excess baggage, seating or meal requirements.


Flying for Students

Flying can be an enjoyable way for students to travel, but if restricted to a limited budget, try to make savings wherever possible. Research online to find flight discounts for students, and look to save in other ways, e.g. taking food to avoid paying high airport prices before flying.


Travelling Alone

Travelling alone can sometimes be worrying, but advance preparation can make the process much less stressful. Measures such as carrying emergency contact information, ensuring suitcases can be lifted easily, and keeping emergency supplies in hand luggage, will all help to ensure a smooth flight when travelling alone.


Children and Toddlers

Airlines provide for children and infants on board a flight. Bassinets are made available; bottle-warming facilities are at a carer's disposal as well as changing tables. Children and infants will also be provided with entertainment such as an activity pack for the older child to alleviate boredom and frustration.


Transporting Animals and Pets

The transportation of animals and pets is subject to stringent veterinary requirements and regulations set out by DEFRA. Using a pet travel company ensures that all legalities are complied with and animal comfort is assured. Many airlines now insist that the transportation of animals and pets be handled by professionals.

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