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When travelling by air, whether it's to go on holiday, business or to visit relatives, it can be an exciting and sometimes stressful time. So it is a good idea, for even the seasoned airport traveler, to be up to date with the latest information. Be informed so you can make the best choice to suit your situation. Find out about different types of flight, short or long-haul, domestic or freight, at the click of a button. Go to our service area for helpful advice on booking tickets and reserving seats. If you've already got your bag packed ready for your journey then you need to know about weight restrictions. Allowances vary across airlines and destinations, so be absolutely clear on what your allowance is. Similarly, avoid upset by checking up on restricted/banned materials.

Be prepared for your journey by being 'in the know'. Our service area, as the title suggests, is there to serve you help. Get handy tips for passengers from the experts. As well as helping you prepare for your journey, be clear about your rights as a passenger. This portal can help you resolve problems, such as lost luggage, boarding issues, delays and cancellations. If you have had the misfortune of having had difficulties and you wish to forward a complaint then this portal will give you a step by step guide on how to make that complaint. Start your journey by being confident, in knowing what to expect. Go to our service area to get tips for passengers on enjoying their flight, staying safe and healthy.

Of course, the most important part of flight preparation is booking your flights! With fly.co.uk you can get the best flight deals available. Our flight comparison site has over 750 airlines to choose from so you can comfortably compare and contrast the best flights. Plus, our state of the art flight search helps you find cheap flights to the most popular destinations and airports worldwide. At fly.co.uk we not only offer you the best selection of cheap flights, we also offer you the best possible way of getting to your destination. Whether it be a chartered flight, low cost flight or simply the cheapest air routes online, we will help our valued customers find exactly what they are looking for!

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