Passenger Responsibilities

Flight passenger requirements

Passenger Responsibilities

The flight passengers have to obey basic flight passenger requirements in order to make their experience joyful and pleasant when visiting major UK airports and using UK airlines. Particularly, the flight passengers have to review their baggage carefully before the planned flight. It is very important to pay attention to the content of one's baggage because many items used on day to day basis can endanger the flight safety and therefore cannot be taken inside an aircraft, or even be in the checked baggage. The flight passenger has to get him/herself familiriazed with the list of potentially dangerous items before travel begins.

Clarification of flight passenger requirements

Examples of potentially dangerous items the passenger is not permitted to carry are explosives, gases, flammable liquids or solids, weapons, as well as corrosives and poisons. There are also special security restrictions applied to aerosols and gels. The flight passenger needs to contact the airline for more detailed information on the number of bags a passenger may take on the plane, what goods are considered to be dangerous and how to send them to relatives and friends in case of necessity and how to pack electric devices not containing batteries and those that are battery powered.

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General in-flight duties

Nowadays a large part of the population fly by aeroplanes to get from one place to another. It doesn't matter what the purpose of the flight is, whether it be work or vacation, a person has to be wisely informed about his duties once in the air. It is well known that airlines provide high comfort and safety to their customers. In order to guarantee a safe and pleasant flight, it is very important that each and every one of the passengers knows exactly how to behave when on a plane, not just in case of an emergency, but at all times.

General in-flight duties to be aware of

When a person enters an airport, it is important to follow all instructions that are written on signs or elsewhere so that a fluid transit can be assured. If the passenger has doubts or doesn't understand where to go exactly, he should ask someone that is part of the airport personnel for clarifications. It is very important to respect the queues and await their turn in order to ask questions. After completing the registration and verification process, by providing identity documentation and ticket, one can proceed with the boarding process. In order to find the right gate to access the plane, the customer should follow written or verbal instructions. Once the boarding is done and the passenger has taken his seat on the plane just before the plane takes off, an attendant on board will explain the general in-flight duties and the right behaviour to be adopted in case of an emergency.

Passengers should know their duties and follow instructions

Before mentioning emergency scenarios, the attendant will instruct all passengers to fasten their seat belts before departure and to keep them securely fasten once the plane is in the air. The same should be done before descent, just before the end of the flight. The attendant's instructions have to be carefully followed and understood, so that the passengers know exactly how to behave in case of an emergency. The attendant will show the equipment that can help a person in case of an emergency, such as life vests, oxygen masks, seat belts, exit points. In case of an emergency, after following the instructions provided by the captain, the passengers should remain calm and follow carefully all the steps provided in order to get to the safest place. That should be the nearest exit door.

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What is prohibited on a flight

Before deciding to book with us, customers need to be aware of what is prohibited on a flight. We have strict rules and regulations regarding liquids being brought on board, specifically alcoholic beverages. Each passenger is restricted to bringing 100ml of liquid with them on their flight, preferably in their hand luggage. Passengers should know that drinking alcoholic beverages other than those officially on offer will not be tolerated. While on board, everyone will be provided with a list of drinks on offer, drinking any of these is acceptable. All passengers must be careful concerning intoxication, as this is also strictly forbidden on board. Our airlines have the right to act in an appropriate manner in response to anyone who disobeys our terms.

Items usage in the cabin

While on board, everyone must be sure that they are informed of specific usage of items, particularly emergency equipment and electronics. Our safety equipment is there to save lives in the case of an emergency. Using emergency equipment without instruction to do so, including unfastening your seat-belt when told to keep it fastened, playing with life jackets and misusing oxygen masks, is prohibited behavior. Also, we urge that if anyone would like to take an electronic device with them including mobile phones, cameras, camcorders and laptops, they bring these items in their main baggage instead of their hand baggage. Any electronic device with transmission ability must be turned off once the doors of the plane have been closed. Using electronic devices while in flight is unacceptable.

Creating an unfavorable environment

Families, parents or guardians should be seating in the same row as their infants, to ensure that they'll be supervised. Many passengers will not be allowed to be seated in a row beside an emergency exit. Not abiding by these recommendations could lead to further complications in the case of an emergency. Here is more on what is prohibited on a flight in terms of antisocial behavior: being drunk or under the influence of drugs, abusing members of the crew or other passengers, interfering with a crew member's duties, risking the safety of the aircraft and smoking are all disallowed in the cabin. Smoking on UK airlines is not allowed, including in the toilets where smoke detectors are present. Disobeying our rules or interfering with our measures to avoid unfavorable incidents for passengers and crew members will not go unseen and could lead to prosecution.

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