Onboard Care

Good things to know when preparing for your flight: Onboard Care

Onboard Care

Onboard Care

Passenger care aboard an airline flight is undertaken with the comfort and welfare of all passengers in mind; including those who require special dietary considerations. If ample notice has been given, then most airlines will do their utmost to accommodate reasonable, specific requests. Although medical meals are provided, it is not possible to cater to every need, and airlines may require, in these instances, for passengers to provide certain food items for themselves; subject to screening. Passengers with food allergies will find that the contents of in-flight meals are clearly labelled to indicate the possible presence of allergens as defined by the EU. Requests for Kosher or Muslim meals must be submitted at least 48hrs prior to flying. Complimentary drinks and snacks will be served at various intervals throughout a flight; including tomato juice which is notorious for its sudden leap in popularity in the cabin environment during flights. Airlines are more than happy to cater to, what has now been scientifically proven to be, an altering of taste perceptions relevant to altitude and cabin pressure. Passengers are advised to check the operational policy of their chosen airline as differences may occur between airlines regarding food items and the quantities in which they are allowed on board.

Special needs Passengers:

Passengers flying with infants or toddlers are generally allowed to take juice, baby formula or breast milk aboard that exceeds the general rule of no more than 3oz; as long as the quantity is within reasonable limits and has been declared at security checkpoints. Medication in liquid form, including glucose drinks for diabetics, may also exceed the 3oz limit subject to the same security procedures and subject to medications being clearly labelled. Special foods that cannot be supplied on a flight may be carried in hand luggage if such items have been declared.

Travelling with Children:

Meals for children may be pre-ordered on most flights subject to differences in policy among airlines, and children will generally be fed first. Baby food and bottles that are included in carry-on baggage may be warmed using the aircraft’s facilities. Changing tables are standard on most aircraft with some airlines also providing a limited number of nappies and wipes. Infant seats and carry cots are available subject to demand and most airlines will provide some form of in-flight entertainment such as activity packs to prevent children becoming restless or irritable. Cabin crews are generally very attentive to the needs of tots.

Various meal options:

Most airlines are sympathetic to allergies, religious food requirements or passengers who have ethical objections to the eating of meat. Vegetarian or Vegan meals are available as alternatives on most flights, but, depending on airline policy, may also require pre-ordering. Special meals are usually available for passengers who are lactose intolerant or who require gluten-free meals. Although airlines do their utmost to ensure that food contents are clearly labelled, it is impossible for them to declare a food product completely free of certain substances. Passengers with severe allergies may, therefore, be requested to supply their own meals for a flight.

It is important for passengers with special dietary requirements who supply their own food to note that such foods will be subject to local rules regarding the transport of foodstuffs. Airlines are, however, committed to the onboard comfort and care of its passengers and it is only in exceptional cases that flight facilities will fall short of caring for every passenger.

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