Outfit for a Flight

Good things to know when preparing for your flight: Outfit for a Flight

Outfit for a Flight

Outfit for a Flight

Travellers making a journey by plane should dress appropriately for the trip. Long-haul flights require comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, but even the shortest flight will pass more amenably for a passenger in more relaxing attire. Passengers should take several factors into account when planning their outfit for travelling, including the size of the aircraft, the space available for seating and movement, the length of the journey and the climate of their destination. The temperate on board is important, too, and often the temperature can quickly switch from ice cold to stuffily warm. Swollen ankles and feet can be a problem for some who might choose to slip off their footwear on board and wear compression stockings to reduce both swelling and the chance of developing deep vein thrombosis. All factors have a part to play in deciding what to wear for the flight and many passengers consider that dressing for optimal comfort will make the journey more pleasurable.

Climate Change

A flight will often take passengers from one extreme of weather to another – for example, flying from Northern Europe to the southern hemisphere. It’s important to take into consideration both the climate of the departure point and the destination, when deciding what type of clothing to wear for the flight. The temperature on board will also vary at points during the flight and while you may feel very warm during take-off, it can get a lot cooler later on, and vice versa. Dressing in layers is a simple way to deal with temperature changes, both on the ground and in the air. Light jackets, fleeces and jumpers that can be quickly taken on and off are the ideal way to dress, as you can combine the layers when required.

Dressing to be Comfortable

Passengers will find that loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t constrict or is too tight around the waist and neck is often the best attire for a flight, whether long or short haul. Soft breathable cottons and linens and stretch materials that move with the wearer are best, so travellers can relax in their seat and even fall asleep without feeling pinched or restricted. Footwear is also important – go for shoes or sandals that can be kicked off and on, without having to fumble for laces or buckles every time. Comfortable shoes are also helpful for moving around the aircraft easily, particularly during long flights when it’s important to keep the circulation moving.

The long and the short of it

The advice on what clothing to wear on board applies equally to long and short haul flights. Comfort is essential, regardless of how long the journey is so always plan to wear layers of breathable, loose-fitting clothes and shoes that can be kicked off easily. And no matter how long a flight is, every passenger should consider carrying a change of clothing on his or her carry-on luggage in case of an emergency – for example, a little turbulence could end up with wine or a hot drink being spilled. Long-haul flights are more challenging, simply because of the length of time in the air and passengers should take extra care in deciding what to wear before embarking on their journey.

Smart or Casual

Airlines generally don’t enforce any kind of dress code. Travellers’ attire will be dictated by a number of things, particularly if the flight is one for business or pleasure. Those travelling for pleasure are free to wear whatever they like so long as it’s not indecent. Business travellers may have to dress formally if they have meetings to attend on arrival and will want to arrive still fresh and looking professional. If wearing a suit, remove the jacket before sitting down and ensure it’s neatly folded either in the overhead locker or on the floor underneath the seat in front. Carry a clean shirt and tie in case of any spillages during the flight. Don’t wear linen that will crush easily during a prolonged period of sitting.

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