Luggage on the flight

Tips for your luggage on the plane

Packing Preparations

Every airline has their own set of rules and regulations regarding both carry-on and checked luggage. gives you an overview of all the airlines, where you can check out the luggage provisions and be properly prepared for your flight.
Luggage tips and tricks
In recent years, many airlines have changed their policies on baggage for international flights. Passengers used to be allowed two bags of checked luggage under a specified weight, usually 50 pounds (22.5 kilograms). However, many airlines have cut this allowance down to one bag per person. Passengers may work around this restriction by packing heavier items in their carry-on bags, or even taking small, rolling suitcases as carry-ons, provided that these fit width restrictions on hand luggage for the flight.Remembering standard packing tips helps to avoid delays and inconvenience when travelling. Liquids are only allowed up to 100 millilitres in carry-on bags; everything else should be stowed in checked bags. Passengers should pack essential items in carry-on bags to last them a few days, in case their checked bags are delayed or misplaced. To reduce the risk of a bag becoming lost, it helps to label all luggage with the owner’s name and contact details, inside and out.

Which things are wise or appropriate to pack

Items which should be carried in the hand luggage

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Which things are not appropriate to pack or could be confiscated

General rules regarding restrictions on flight luggage

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Which things will be monitored or screened separately

Flying with hold luggage and hand luggage.

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Hand luggage sizes, child hand luggage

Hand luggage size allowances during the flight

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Regulations for liquids

Regulations for liquids on flights

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Limitations for certain objects

Limitations for certain objects in the hand-luggage

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Hand luggage allowance during flights

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Regulations for duty-free products

Pre-flight shopping after security checks

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Travel medical kits

Packing a travel medical kit

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