Reduced Gravity Flight

Specialisation of the airlines on a Reduced Gravity Flight - for flights in certain regions

Reduced Gravity Flight

Reduced gravity flights, or microgravity, have become popular in recent months. Just imagine being weightless, slowly floating, or swimming in thin air! It is not only a great opportunity for students to learn about space and spacecraft, but it is the best and only way to learn about our Earth's gravity first hand. A reduced gravity flight is simply an unforgettable experience. It basically consists of a specially designed aircraft that emulates aircraft that fly high enough that the people inside can experience the exhilarating feelings of weightlessness, without going into 'space' itself. Not only that, but reduced gravity flight has proven to be a valuable scientific research tool for scientists and astronauts, as they can better understand the effects of anti gravity. Many universities and airlines have special programs to let school children and students enjoy this truly unique opportunity. Reduced gravity flight truly is a life-changing experience, try it today!

Reduced gravity flights have become a great way for more people to experience low-gravity situations. Usually, microgravity-equipped, specially designed aircraft was exclusively reserved for researchers, university students, astronauts, or the very wealthy. But as reduced gravity aircraft become more commonplace and economical, it will be easier for the average person to get to enjoy this life-changing activity for a reasonable price. Microgravity basically involves the emulating of a specially designed spacecraft that flies to an altitude that creates low-gravity environments. The plus is, you don't actually have to leave the ground! It is also a great researching tool, as well as the only way to fully experience the Earth's gravity without having to go to space. Low gravity flights are a life-changing experience. Just imagine weightlessly floating in thin air, or making pirouettes with your family and friends. Visit your local provider or research online to see where you can experience this!

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