Rights and Responsibilities

Overview of rights and responsibilities for passengers

Passenger rights and responsibilities

Passenger rights & obligations are clearly defined by EU regulations. They protect passengers from prejudice by an airline, but also define the appropriate steps to be taken by persons wishing to secure passage on a flight; particularly when special assistance is required from an airline.Airlines may not deny boarding to any persons based on physical disability and all reasonable assistive measures must be taken to board such a person. The onus is on the passenger to inform the airline of any need for assistance within a specified time frame: this includes special meal requirements. Passengers may be required to produce medical certification of fitness to fly. Medicines or assistive devices which fall outside of normal regulatory specifications must be allowed subject to prior notification and security screening. If boarding is denied, the airline is obligated to state its reasons in writing.Flight denial, cancellation, delay or re-routing entitles a passenger to claim compensation from an airline. The passenger must retain details of the flight reservation or airline ticket in order to lodge a claim or complaint. Airlines should be notified in writing of any perceived violations of passenger rights & obligations and the intention to claim compensation.

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