Short Flight

Specialisation of the airlines on a Short Flight - for flights in certain regions

Short Flight

A short flight is one that is under three hours. These are usually internal and regional flights. Normally, a student, holiday maker, business person and anyone who is traveling would plan ahead and book their ticket well in advance. However, with short flights one may assume that they will not cost much because of the short distance since the flight is internal or regional. A short flight may also be have to be taken as an emergency such as one that has to be taken to be with a loved one who has suddenly been taken ill. The emergency may also be transporting a patient for specialized medical care. The truth is that short flights can cost more if the tickets are needed on short notice without prior booking and if they are needed during peak travel seasons like during Christmas and Easter holidays and on long weekends such when public holidays fall on a Monday or Friday.

The good news is that there is a way to get affordable tickets for short flights. One is to look at airline ticket fare comparison websites. At a glance, you can see what different airlines are charging for the route you are interested in. Verify this on the airline's website and make your booking online. Another way to save on short flights is to consider smaller carriers other than the national and international airlines. Their tickets usually cost less. There is also the option of booking a short flight on charter airlines. Most of them depart from regional airports in the country and they are ideal for getting to and from holiday destinations. Another option is chartered airlines. To fill flights, they offer seat-only tickets as opposed to other seats that are taken as part of a holiday package. Unlike commercial airline scheduled flights, charter flights cost less when they are booked at the last minute.

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