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Backpacking is traditionally associated with young people who have the freedom to travel for six months or more. More recently, it has also become popular with a wider range of people who have the time and desire to travel the world on a flexible itinerary. Backpackers choose from a variety of destinations and inexpensive accommodation options, ranging from hotels to hostels and campsites. Starting from the UK, it is possible to fly around the world to popular backpacking destinations such as India, Thailand and South America, all of which offer affordable living costs, good flight connections and a unique cultural experience.

Backpacking allows independent travelers to fly around the world on a budget while absorbing the diversity of different cultures. Travel is geared towards those who have a sense of adventure and the freedom to explore their chosen destination for a greater time than two or three weeks. Backpackers traditionally choose low cost hostels or hotels. However it is possible for more mature backpackers with a larger budget to experience the traditional freedom of backpacking while enjoying high end accommodation options and flights. Popular backpacking routes include South East Asia, Australia and Europe, using a combination of flights, train and bus travel.

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