Inspiration for a flight to Golfing


Practise golfing techniques in style by flying to southern Spain to use some of the best golf courses in the world! Golfing equipment can be added as extra luggage each way on the flights, or simply hired at the golf range. After a short flight to the Costa del Sol, tee off with friends at one of the renowned golfing courses on the Spanish coast. A golfer's paradise: there are 45 golf resorts and courses along the Costa del Sol, making this one of the foremost golfing destinations to fly to.

With some of the most prestigious courses in the world, the Costa del Sol in Spain is a must for golfing enthusiasts. A warm and sunny climate and such high quality courses have made golfing tourism in southern Spain one of the most sought after sports holidays. A great location for golfers of all abilities, a short flight to Spain will open up a world of possibilities on its lush golf courses. Home to four of the top ten ranked golf resorts and courses in Europe, the Costa del Sol is the ultimate golfing destination!

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