Inspiration for a flight to Kayaking


Kayaking holidays offer a diverse range of destinations and a wide choice of accommodation and flights. Kayaking is an adaptable activity that can be enjoyed solo or with a group, it can be action-packed or gentle, and it can be used to access additional activities such as fishing, swimming or sunbathing. Some of the best paddling in the world can be found in mainland Europe, easily accessible by a short flight from the UK. From the beautiful Italian lakes to the stunning fjords of Norway, there are a wide range of locations to choose from and a large number of flights available.

Kayaking is such an adaptable activity that it is easy to create a holiday itinerary to suit almost anyone, from extreme whitewater activity in the Alps to gentle paddling around secluded bays in Sardinia. A kayaking holiday provides access to unique wildlife and scenic experiences and it can be combined with other activities such as walking, cycling or climbing. It is possible to fly into Geneva or Milan and reach world famous kayaking destinations with a minimal transfer time. Equipment can be hired at most of the main water sport venues, making it easy to fly light.

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